Arduinon RS485 GPIO Shield

RS485 on Arduino

Arduinon RS485 GPIO Shield
Arduinon RS485 GPIO Shield

Following on from the RS485 on an Raspbery Pi post, I also picked up a LinkSprite RS485 Arduino board from RoboSavvy (Arduino RS485 schematics).

I plan on trying to get the two to talk to each other, using a short bit of three cores:

  • A aka ‘-‘ aka TxD-/RxD- aka inverting pin
  • B aka ‘+’ aka TxD+/RxD+ aka non-inverting pin
  • Gnd

I plan on trying to set up a Master / Slave relationship with the Raspbery Pi being the master, and the Arduinos the slaves (Full arduinos will be replaced with Shrimps or equiv and a Max481CSA).

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