The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury
The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury

SMD Resistors and Capacitors

SMD Component Storage

I have a selection of common-ish values of components I use in my designs.

I bought a Starter kit of 0805 size Surface Mount Resistors from Electronic Things a while ago, this gave me most of the values that I have made spaces for in my boxes1.

I also have four values of ceramic multilayer capacitors I use2.

Different size SMD components
Different size SMD land patterns

For simplicity sake, I will at some point reduce the number of values I use further, but in the interim here is a list of common passive SMD components in different SMD sizes that I hold in stock with a link to a few suppliers, I mostly use a mixture of Farnell and LCSC.

SMD land pattern
SMD land pattern

LCSC is a Chinese supplier who has some components that I can’t find anywhere else, They are part of the same group as JLCPCB, the people I buy PCBs from.

I also bought the 1/4W metal film through hole resister box from The Pi Hut as a box of prototyping resistors.

Imperial [metric] (power dissipation)0603 [1608] (1/16 W)0805 [2012] (1/10W)1206 [3216] (1/8W)2512 [6432] (1/4W)1/4 W Though hole
Dimensions (approx mm).1.5 x 0.92 x 1.23.2 x 1.66.3 x 3.2length 6.5 ± 0.5
Land Pattern3.a = 0.9
b = 0.6
c = 0.9
a = 1.3
b = 0.7
c = 1.2
a = 1.6
b = 0.9
c = 2.0
a = 3.5
b = 1.6
c = 3.8
FarnellLCSCElectronic Things KitFarnellLCSCFarnellLCSCFarnellLCSCPiHut Kit
0 Ω4146-9739146-9846C269738146-9963290-8473X
1 Ω5261-6747261-6757165-3087312-8058
10 ΩX244-7741C269743X
22 ΩXC269553x6
47 ΩXC325780X
56 ΩC269544
100 ΩXC269741X
220 ΩXC269730X
330 ΩC269562X
470 ΩXC269734X

I use Würth Elektronik ferrite beads in my designs.

I have a set of each of the WE-CBF design kits, There are two kits available, a small size ferrite kit (WE# 742-790) that contains 0402, 0603, 0805 sized ferrites. And the WE-CBF Large Size (WE# 742-791) that contains 1206, 1210, 1806, and 1812 sized ferrites.

It is easier to design 0 ohm resistors in place before taking a design to an EMC lab, and if there are issues that could benefit from additional filtering, these resistors can be swapped with a ferrite bead with less effort than clearing solder resist, cutting a track and trying to insert a bead.

  1. Electronic Things also sell an Electrolytic Surface Mount Capacitor Starter Pack and other components
  2. yes I am aware of the myth of three capacitor values
  3. you may have better luck with different dimensions
  4. Allows me to have non populate pads for adding filtering components if needed them at a later date
  5. For use as shunts
  6. Contains 20 Ω

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