The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury
The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury

Social and Anti-Social Transport

Last night I went to see Andi, Maddy, and Storm, for our semi regulare dose of two hot men, Sherlock Holmes and Dr John Watson.

This was not really that well planed (Maddy and I aranged it on Wednesday).

The journey from Culham to Cheltenham and back is about 100 miles; the using the AA list the running costs as a start, and adjusting them to my experience of my car I have come up with the following table for annual costs for my car based on most recent costs of MOT TAX and Insurance to me.

Car Cost

Now given the 100 miles is a nice round number; its nice and easy assuming that I can live in the 5000, to 10000 band to try and make the car as expensive as possible, it still works out at about £43.00 for me to drive my K reg Hyundai Pony to and from Cheltenham, taking an hour each way (door to door).

Thinking about it; My driving my car is pretty damn antisocial, it can seat three friends comfortably; and four if three of them are more friendly on the back seat (My Bike is still not ready).

The More Social method of transport would be to use the train, wondering how much the train would cost took me to National Rail Enquiry’s for a gander:

Culham to Chetenham on Thursday leaving after work (same time as leaving in car).


Cheltenham to Culham on Friday Aiming to get to work on time:


Both of these ignore the cost and or time taken getting from the transport hub (station) to the Door; Walking to Culham Station from Work takes about 15 minutes; and I guess the bus from Cheltenham Spa station to Storms perhaps half an hour and £1.60.

So just from the above we can see that the train is more expensive and takes a fair while longer.

Looking at the cost of trains in the future (i.e. not turn up and travel) I looked at the cost of catching one in a weeks time:


And Two weeks in Advance


From this, even with two weeks of planning its still more expensive to get the train to and from Cheltenham (for times that are useful) than the Car and takes ages, is oh and again with the Social part… well in my car I can listen to any music I like; and only listen to my own.

While I want to use Public transport more, bma and I have spoken at length about this; and bma has written this post that I agree with.

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