The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury
The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury

Solar Panels

A long while ago I met up with Amy, and James from nbLuckyDuck, and one of the things that was intresting is that for a large part of the year they are off-grid with using a 136W flexable solar panel so very rarely run the generator1. there has been discussion about other cost breakdowns here2, and a lively chat about solar panels here3.

I have been wondering if Solar Panels on nbArianrhod would be a good idea, and worth the cost. since her roof is mostly used as a bike, log, loo store there is no free roof space forward of the centreline mount; and to the stern the area is kept clear for the centreline working area.

The Sun Shines?

These two Diagrams show the solar irradiation and solar electricity potential in the UK, with both Horizontal and ‘optimally – inclined’ photovoltaic modules.

Tamarisk and I plan to mainly stay in the south; so we shan’t be going much below 950 kWh / m²; with horizontally  (1050 kWh / m² with optimally – inclined) photovoltaic modules; which means that our electrical requirements should be met with a fairly small installation.

Currently we run the motor for a couple of hours every evening to charge the domestic batteries, I am looking for details of flexible solar panels; that could be mounted to the clear section of roof by either adhesive; or bolting them down in the centre line working area.


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