While at the Welshchurch for the Woodhouse PlayersMother Goose, some ¿wonderful and kind? took it as there right to help themselves to my Camera bag, containing all my camera equipment; as well as loupie’s little bridge camera. As you can guess I am far from best pleased.

The Bag Contained:

  • Nikon D70 18-70mm Lens
  • Sigma 70-300mm Lens
  • A Little GE Compact Camera
  • 2x Jesops Speed-lights
  • a collection of Compact Flash Cards
  • 3 Nikon Batteries + Charger
  • A USB multi format Card Reader
  • Loupie’s Bridge Camera

This matter has been reported to the police; so hopefully they wont be entirely useless should any of this show up. well we can all but live in hope.