The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury
The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury

Spam and Honeypots

Reel Effect Manchester
Reel Effect Manchester
Reel Effect Manchester

If you have looked at my contact page recently (or at all) you will see that there is both a form, and an email address ([email protected]// This was put there because I hate it when other websites force you to use a form to “email” the person you want to talk to…

Increasingly [email protected]// has been getting more and more spam, due to the wonders of scrapers finding it and subscribing it to spam lists.

Including today I got a spam email from Reel Effect, Reel Effect are a Video and SEO house in Manchester, and they have one of the worst websites (Its Designed with Love by the Reel Effects Team) I have seen in a long time. The Spam email was was:

Attract More Customers with Online Video

Reel Effect are a video production and marketing agency who craft a professional storyboard from your companies key unique selling points which is used to produce and innovative video designed to grab attention , generate interest, instil desire and have a clear call to action.

For further information call us on 0161 877 4629

What our customers say

“Massive thank you to the guys at reel effect. They produced a great video for me a few months ago and a fantastic web site that my customers always comment on. customer support and service is excellent too. Cannot highly recommend them enough”

Well Since Real Effect want to be seen to have great marketing, including scrapping the email address of random personal sites, they can have me as competition in Google search…

So since it’s already on spammers lists, from today any email sent to [email protected]// will be fed directly to my spam filter to be learnt as spam… no ifs, no butts, Thanks again Reel Effects for reminding me to sort out my spam filters.

I have phoned Reel Effects, and have spoken to a guy called Warren (¿Warren Grimshaw? – the founding director of Reel Effects), Warren said that they scrapped my email address from Twitter; and doesn’t understand how it could have been picked up if the email address was not part of a business. he also admitted that Reel Effect also buy directories of email addresses from other orgainsations.

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