The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury
The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury

Spam, link spam, and link backs

I have received this email twice from Amit pal (SEO Department) of SSS Technology:

Dear Webmaster,

Sub: Link Exchange Request

Hi, I came across your website when I searching for similar sites in google. I believe that both your site and your enterprise are powerful, and I would like to link exchange from you to increase our websites traffic and sales.
Link exchange is both beneficial to you and us. Link exchange can help us get higher ranking in search engines and increase more traffic for our sites, more traffic – more sales.
Details of my sites are as follows:

Title:rc plane
Description –.RC Planes Specialist. Buy your RC Plane and RC Jets plane from [redacted], Huge range of Radio Controlled airplanes from Eflite, Anderson, Kyosho from beginner gliders to Pro level

If you are agree to link exchange with us, your site will be list here:


Please contact us if you have added my link, show the reciprocal url where my link listed and list your link details to us, we will add your link in one business day, and then we will contact you that your link has been added and where it listing.
Thanks for thinking about link exchange with us, we are looking forward to receive your reply.

Thanks & Regards

Amit pal
SEO Department
SSS Technology
[redacted][email protected]

Now I love having the chance to increase my page rank as much as anyone running a website šŸ™‚

So since I had two emails saying the same thing, and the original emails had me and everyone else in the to field.

I checked out their site, and replied all the following email

Dear Amit,

Thank you for your email,

I have checked out the following parts of your website:

  • http://[redacted].com/ — PR 2
  • http://[redacted].com/links.htm — PR ?
  • http://[redacted].com/rc-planes-and-jets — PR 1
  • http://[redacted].com/Web-Links — PR ?

I would be willing to link to the RC Planes and Jets page, however given the PR of the links page (and the lack of hyperlink from the front page to it). I am unwilling to do a link exchange with your organisation at this time.

However I would be willing to write a review of a product of yours with no requirement of a reciprocative link.

I am looking at building a Quad-Coppter, and an ROV (underwater) [//] As such I am after a number of Electronic Speed Controllers, Brushless Outrunner motors, and Servos (either Micro, or high torque) (servos are mainly for this project //

When these projects are completed the write up will be of interest to a large number of Engineers, Geeks, and other groups of people who have not traditionally been your customers; however tend to be groups with high disposable incomes.

Yes I sent it to all the people that Amit had sent it to, and [email protected][redacted].com.

Adam who runs the sales desk thinks that my CCing every one with the details of the Page Rank, and linking details of the link back page offered is in un-professional.

I did point out that // is a personal site; and not run for profit, or commercial interest.

I think it is more unprofessional for a company to:

  • outsource / contract out its SEO to a fly-by-night bunch of grey/black hats.
  • sending the email cc to every one in the first instance, (sales desk told me I should have:
    1. not replayed to all, or
    2. BCC’d the other original recipients)
  • offer reciprocate links on a page that has no links to it.
  • think that that is professional.

I have sent an email to the sales desk at Wireless Madness so they know about this page, and have right of reply.


Adam got back to me via email, and asked me to remove the post, since as I pointed out above this is a personal blog, and I have the right to ignore him, however I have redacted the name and uri of his company, however I have reproduced his email:

Firstly please accept my apologies in not introducing ourselves.  We are a small model shop based in [redacted] – who unwittingly outsourced SEO work to a company based in Asia.

Upon receiving your email I was somewhat surprised and taken back as it was the first instance I became aware of this situation.  This communication was initially started by the SEO company directly with you and we were unaware of it.

As of yet we are awaiting for a response, from the said SEO company, for an explanation and have asked them as to why your site was contacted in the first place.  I appreciate your ranking is higher and know that a link back was requested.

In the meantime can I kindly ask – out of respect you remove the post with the emails from your blog.

I would appreciate your understanding on this matter as this can have a detrimental effect on our business, when it is not our business directly that has raised this issue.  Rest assured we will do everything we can to take action against SSS technology and make sure something like this doesn’t happen again.

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