The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury
The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury

Squee Sailing

On Sunday I took advantage of my farther retirement; one of his presents had been a Ocean Race Yacht Experience day with Blue Box Sailing, however due to all the free time he now has, he has had far too much on to do it; So I won the position instead.

On Sunday morning I met up with the others from round the area who under the direction of Dave our Skipper, and Lizzie our First Mate would be sailing aboard the Clipper 60 Taeping

The Clipper Round the World Yacht Race was conceived in 1995 by well-known yachtsman Sir Robin Knox-Johnston and together with William Ward, founded Clipper Ventures, a company that would run the race.

The first race set off a year later on 16 October 1996. The event gives paying amateur crew members the chance to sail around the world. The organizers own a fleet of identical yachts, and provide qualified skippers to lead each team. Crew can either sign up for the whole race, or one or more legs. In contrast to the slightly older Global Challenge, the Clipper race uses lighter, faster boats and the route follows the prevailing currents and winds.

Teaping, was one of the original eight 60 foot Clipper class craft in the race in 1996, Skippered by Adrian Faiers she came in in third position with 61 points; She was raced again in the 1998 race skippered this time by Nick Fleming, where she faired worse, coming in in Fifth with 71.5 points. In 2000 the craft were Ed Dubois-designed 68-foot racers, each of them named after a UK City as such Teaping was retired from racing.

IMG 16825994151630 71f0379d52 b5993352661 91779336bb bDSC00052 As we were coming back into Portsmouth We saw the start of the 2011 Clipper race; and the all the current craft leaving port.

I had a great time; and can Highly recommend this to any one 😀

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