Steph has been found :)

This morning I got a call from some one at Avon & Somerset Police, they were phoning me to let me know that they had found my motorcycle. It turns out that some one who I had previously refereed to as a muppet had stolen Steph, and in a move that made them a serious contender to being of a lower IQ than a bacon sandwich (and much less loved by society) had broken her, failed to start her, and failed to dump her in a river. While I am glad that they failed to destroy her; I cant help but wondering how stupid they really are; In the Panniers, on the bike they stole, was a Tarp, a full bike maintenance kit, containing a copy of a supplementary workshop manual for a Yamaha SR125 (Complete with the how Steph is wired up).

I have edited Motorcycle Stolen Reward Poster – I was going to Put up offering a reward for her safe return, however its now been edited offering a reward for information leading to a conviction.

If you have any information The crime reference number from Avon & Somerset Police is: 19821/12.


Richard and I hot footed it down from work to Eastville Park, in Bristol, just at the bottom of the hill from teh corner of Gloucester Street, and Fishponds Road (where Steph was parked).

This is what greeted us when we got there:

Apparently This is where they had managed to get her too, and subsequently failed to fully get her into the river:

I am sure that I said they were outsmarted by bacon sandwiches…

Walking back to Steph for another look the following photos show the extent of damage:

She was then recovered (by pushing) back up to the top of the hill; and is now secured next to where Richard keeps his Yamaha SR125 and Yamaha XJ600, using three locks; pending my going to poke her.

As far as I can see from my first look over my tasks are as follows:

  1. Fix the Key Switch contacts so I can power her
  2. Get her to start (She turns over when power is attached to the Starter Motor)
  3. Get her to a road legal state.
  4. Recover her to Bath so I can work on her, bringing her back to pre borrowed condition.
  5. Work out how to keep her secure.

If you have any information The crime reference number from Avon & Somerset Police is: 19821/12.

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