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Still on for afloat

A while ago I cycled up the toe path to Thrupp and met up with Maffi for a pint to talk about getting afloat; other things which are of use are that Amy, of nbLuckyDuck has been answering questions to her FormSpring account in a serious of Any Questions posts, Peggy of Narrowboat Wife is also writing a set of posts about living aboard;

At some point soon I will have to jump on my poor bike and cycle the few (~50) miles to Whilton Mariner for a look around; and to (they also produce a  Guide to Getting Afloat). I have tried signing up with there free online service; however something about having {firstname}@{lastname}.eu means my email address is not valid, but looking round the area should be good. (update Phoned Whilton, and they added me).

One thought on “Still on for afloat

  1. You’ll get there. Life afloat is well worth the struggle it takes to get there – and you’ll be joining a lovely community of people too.

    If there’s anything you need/want to know just ask – I’d be happy to try and help.

    It’s lovely to finally get to see your blog. I have added a link from mine now too so I can keep up with your goings on. 🙂

    x V. (@nbthegreenman)

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