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Stolen Suzuki Marauder

My Suzuki Marauder has been stolen from my Friends Garage in Penhill, Swindon.

Suzuki Marauder Gz125 reg V937GLH

Also stolen was Azz’s Kawasaki Klr 250 reg J706MLF

Kawasaki Klr 250  reg J706MLF

If you have any details please contact me; or contact Wiltshire Police Crime ref 54110079557

3 thoughts on “Stolen Suzuki Marauder

  1. UPDATE: The Bikes are not insured (Due to Azz getting new bike and transferring policy) and chances are the little w*nk3rs who stole it are just going to strip the parts and sell them. 🙁

    The Police have said they may do their jobs and investigate it should there have been any rummaging (Send CSI to look for Evidence).

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