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Eden Project

While we were playing guess where, MiniBoyGeek, Tas and I went to the Eden Project in Cornwall

@MiniBoyGeek is Two! off to @IceCreamFarm

For MiniBoyGeek‘s birthday, Tas, MiniBoyGeek, Lindsy, the Munchkins and Granny all went out to the IceCreamFarm!

Harry Beck Style Canal Map

The first diagrammatic map of London’s rapid transit network was designed by Harry Beck in 1931.[3] Beck was a London Underground employee who realised that because the railway ran mostly underground, the physical locations of the stations were irrelevant to… Continue Reading →

Review – Ballistic iPad Hard Case

For the past two and a half weeks or so I have been thoroughly testing a Ballistic Hard Case for iPad that Skippy was sent to review by As the iPad is mine I have been the one using… Continue Reading →

Leaving o2

After being with O2 for a while (5 years), and getting slowly getting more and more niggled by them[note O2: “Skippy; I am your father”][note Mobile wifi Internet][note Tethering without O2′s consent][note O2 and T-Mobile on Compressing the Web.][note O2… Continue Reading →

Cunning Plans

There is a cunning plan, and that cunning plan is to escape… escape the west, heading east we plan to first go… um… west to Llangollen, because b0atg1rl has never done the Llangollen Arm of the Shropshire Union canal (bit of… Continue Reading →

The Bed room is finally (half) finished.

After having nbSteven for just under three months now, and having lived on her for two, we finally have the bed room finished… well it’s how we wanted it in the short term. A long while ago on a trip… Continue Reading →

Where the Themes meets the Themes and Severn Canal

Following on from my previous two posts; this one is based on my 365s location, b0atg1rl and I were standing in Lechlade. Lechlade is just downstream from the junction between the River Themes (River Isis), River Coln, and the Thames… Continue Reading →

Solar Power on Boats

A while ago I looked at Solar Panels (Photo Voltaic) and did some research, (including reading a very hippy book [Electrosmog[note  electromagnetic “smog” is caused by mobile phones and the masts needed to power them, as well as microwaves, computers and electrical equipment…. Continue Reading →

nbArianrhod is now sold

nbArianrhod boat has now been sold, b0atg1rl and I are now offering for other peoples uses, If you are interested in utilising So You Wanna Buy A Boat please use the contact form to send b0atg1rl a message. We are… Continue Reading →

View our boat

Following on from Springer for Sale b0atg1rl and I will be down at nbArianrhod on Friday and Monday. If you want to come by Frouds Bridge marina and say hi. Please contact us via SoYouWannaBuyABoat.

Dear @O2 I don’t think FREE means what you think it does…

While out shopping for cloths with b0atg1rl yesterday, we happened to go into Debenhams, Whilst in Debenhams I remembered that O2 had recently spammed Twitter with the news that Debenhams, and O2 had partnered to provide “Free” Wireless networks in… Continue Reading →

Springer for sale

UPDATE! nbArianrhod is also listed on Tomorrow (Thursday 23rd), b0atg1rl and I will be down at her, as we have a couple of viewings, If you want to have a look, or want further details, please contact her. ‘nbArianrhod’… Continue Reading →

An update

It’s been a fair while since I last wrote an update to my blog; back then b0atg1rl and I were looking for a boat; since then we have bought ourselves a 58ft Semi-Trad called nbSteven (the name will be changed when… Continue Reading →

Boat Hunting

B0atg1rl and I went boat hunting for a craft to call our own, this outing started with a virtual perambulation of the normal haunts, and then a trip to North Wales; while poking around Chirk Marina we came across a boat that looks like… Continue Reading →

New Pet

On the way back from the Waterfront Pub in Pewsey last night, b0atg1rl and I came across a young magpie sat on the tow path; which ended up falling in the cut. Fishing the poor lil thing out we then proceeded to try and… Continue Reading →

Film 7 – Story of O

“Story of O” or “Histoire d’O” is an interesting film Rene takes his lover, the photographer O, to a manor in the isolated area of Roissy to be submitted to humiliations, bondage and sexual perversions to prove that she belongs to him…. Continue Reading →

Film 5 – Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism

I found “Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism” on nbArianrhod, b0atg1rl was not sure where it came from or even who’s it is; however given the Leveson enquiry that is going on it is quite a topical DVD to watch. Documentary… Continue Reading →

Solar Panels

A long while ago I met up with Amy, and James from nbLuckyDuck, and one of the things that was intresting is that for a large part of the year they are off-grid with using a 136W flexable solar panel so very… Continue Reading →

Dundas Basin Elsan Point

The Elsan disposal point at Dundas Basin on the Kennet & Avon Canal was taken out of service back in November 2011 and has remained broken since; British Waterways plan to have a temporary elsan point operational some time in April, with full repairs coming on-line in August… Continue Reading →

Book 2: Fox Talbot

John Hannavy’s “Fox Talbot: An Illustrated Life of Willian Henry Fox Talbot, ‘Father of Modern Photography’, 1800 -1877[note Amazon]” Fox Talbot is universally recognised as the father of modern photography. His ‘calotype’ or ‘Talbotype’ process was the first working photographic process to… Continue Reading →

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