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Water Otter

With winter coming to an end (we hope) and the hot water on our boat coming from two sources; the fire and the engine, it was looking like the kettle was going to be the only way to make hot… Continue Reading →

Testing IoT Boat Part One

More than a few years ago, I bought myself a Remote Control boat, a Kyosho Wave Master: The WaveMaster is a semi scale model of an F-1 tunnel hull racing boat. Tunnel hulls work by trapping a cushion of air… Continue Reading →

The Duck is back for sale

Update: nbLuckyDuck has been moved to Hartford Marina (website / details), details can also be found on Apollo Duck. The Duck is priced at £23500, and has a recent hull survey. There has been some bad news from Amy, and James of… Continue Reading →

nbArianrhod is now sold

nbArianrhod boat has now been sold, b0atg1rl and I are now offering for other peoples uses, If you are interested in utilising So You Wanna Buy A Boat please use the contact form to send b0atg1rl a message. We are… Continue Reading →

View our boat

Following on from Springer for Sale b0atg1rl and I will be down at nbArianrhod on Friday and Monday. If you want to come by Frouds Bridge marina and say hi. Please contact us via SoYouWannaBuyABoat.

An update

It’s been a fair while since I last wrote an update to my blog; back then b0atg1rl and I were looking for a boat; since then we have bought ourselves a 58ft Semi-Trad called nbSteven (the name will be changed when… Continue Reading →

Boat Hunting

B0atg1rl and I went boat hunting for a craft to call our own, this outing started with a virtual perambulation of the normal haunts, and then a trip to North Wales; while poking around Chirk Marina we came across a boat that looks like… Continue Reading →

Share the Space, Drop the Pace

After abandoning “The Two Ting’s” Campaign, and removing the Tow-path Cycling Permit, British Waterways, (Canal and Rivers Trust) in partnership with TfL, have had a cunning idea to make cycling and walking on the London Cycle paths to coexist in a more peaceful manor. Given that the canal towpaths… Continue Reading →

Solar Panel Research

I am wondering how much energy we use from nbArianrhod’s batteries (3 x 110Ah) per day; I know this number will change over the course of a year; and that most of our peek energy requirements come from gas rather… Continue Reading →

Book 4: Living Afloat

Peter Underwood’s (@Livingafloat) “Living Afloat” was a book that I picked up when it was free on Kindle; I follow Peter on Twitter where he is an active member of the #boatsthattweet group. The Kindle book seems to be unavailable;… Continue Reading →

Solar Panels

A long while ago I met up with Amy, and James from nbLuckyDuck, and one of the things that was intresting is that for a large part of the year they are off-grid with using a 136W flexable solar panel so very… Continue Reading →

Dundas Basin Elsan Point

The Elsan disposal point at Dundas Basin on the Kennet & Avon Canal was taken out of service back in November 2011 and has remained broken since; British Waterways plan to have a temporary elsan point operational some time in April, with full repairs coming on-line in August… Continue Reading →

Book 1: The Somersetshire Coal Canal

Roger Halse’s “The Somersetshire Coal Canal – A Second Pictorial Journey” “This new volume provides readers with an in depth look into the Somersetshire Coal Canal. The previous volume of old photographs of this delightful short canal, which branched off… Continue Reading →

River Rats and Other Derogatory Terms

Abi Rant‘s “River Rats and Other Derogatory Terms” is a poem that hits a cord with me; it’s a performance poetry piece so you really are better listening to the file [podcast]//[/podcast]   I want the freedom to be different, I don’t have to… Continue Reading →

nbWonderinStar Second Visit

On Saturday Random Zero, Betty, Dan and I went to Gloucester via motor cycle; there were two main aims behind this; the first was to get a second look at nbWonerinStar, and the second was so I could get some… Continue Reading →

ROV – Part 1: Project Overview

One of the things I fancy doing with my free time; and to help me learn to program/built awesome things is to geek out is to try and build an ROV (Remotely Operated underwater Vehicle); I am not sure why the “U”… Continue Reading →


At Gloucester dock there was a lovely 57 foot narrowboat called Wanderin Star (Wanderin Star PDF) for £39,000 “Wanderin Star” would make a comfortable live aboard. She was built by Oxley Marine in 2003, she has a Beta B 38 diesel engine… Continue Reading →

Gloucester Docks Look around Part Two – Shops and Retail

Following on from Part One, I found this article titled “A Walk on the Wild Side around Gloucester Docks” on Narrowboat World, where Alan Tilbury talks about his experience of Gloucester Quays: The state of the area was something that I had got completely… Continue Reading →

Looking for a Mooring

With my getting a job, which is 35 miles from my parents (about the same distance as Culham Centre for Fusion Energy was) and since I can now afford to live on a boat again 🙂 a number of people… Continue Reading →

Tweet Pirating #OWCTGT #RiverThemes

Today I am Pirating with a number of #BoatsThatTweet in Oxford, @Galoot (Cat Who Laughed) and @Gbilder of @nb_coqui, and @OdyAuto of @workboatpug on the Here are some fun photos from the trip up so far 🙂 Lunch at the… Continue Reading →

Book 33 – Do It Yourself 12 Volt Solar Power: A Do It Yourself Guide (Simple Living)

Mike Daniek’s “Do It Yourself 12 Volt Solar Power” is a good book about 12 Volt off the grid systems; Its the same style of book as Building a Low Impact Roundhouse however despite both books being quite Hippiesh the 12 volt book… Continue Reading →

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