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IR filter from a CCTV camera

A LONG time ago I disassembled a Cheep Chinese Camera, I may have accidental blown it up by over volting it (apparently 12V DC was the wrong voltage). since then it has been sat in my desk in parts, for… Continue Reading →

DH-SD29204T-GN 2MP camera

This is the quickest I have got a camera onto my desk and working, This camera is a ‘Dahua DH-SD29204T-GN 2Mp Network Mini IP Speed Dome 4x optical zoom PTZ ip camera built-in MIC SD29204T-GN’ I can’t see it on… Continue Reading →

HD IP CCTV camera

This job has been sat on my desk at work for about 7 months, looking at Amazon it may be one of these (available in black too). After my luck with the last camera, I was hoping to get into… Continue Reading →

Cheep Chinese Camera

I picked up this 50H10L (HI3518E_50H10L_S39) based cheap POE CCTV style camera as a test for replacing the cameras we use at work to view EUTs (Equipment Under Test). the cameras we normally use are wired CCTV cameras. The (professionally done)… Continue Reading →

Tripod and Photography Threaded Rods / Bolts

Sooner or later you will find something that you want to attach to something else, and if any of those some-things is a camera or a tripod, you will soon meet the challenge of WTF? its almost an M6? what… Continue Reading →

Problems with my 365 :(

For some reason my Project 365 has stopped dealing with emails correctly; so until that is fixed I am going to pause it. I will still poke photos to it sporadically; but they wont be part of my 365. I… Continue Reading →

Automatic Panoramic Head – Part 1: Press the button

According to Wikipedia: An intervalometer is a device which counts intervals of time. (Other names include interval meter and interval timer). Such devices commonly are used to signal, in accurate time intervals, the operation of some other device. For instance, an intervalometer might activate something… Continue Reading →

Book 2: Fox Talbot

John Hannavy’s “Fox Talbot: An Illustrated Life of Willian Henry Fox Talbot, ‘Father of Modern Photography’, 1800 -1877[note Amazon]” Fox Talbot is universally recognised as the father of modern photography. His ‘calotype’ or ‘Talbotype’ process was the first working photographic process to… Continue Reading →

Task 44 – Complete a 365 day Photo Challenge

I have started setting up // as part of my Day Zero challenge list; it wont share an RSS feed with this blog so you may want to add // to follow it; or follow me on twitter as @SkippyUK. I plan to… Continue Reading →

New camera

Today I picked up a black Fujifilm finepix XP30 camera. As a replacement to the camera built into my phone (an iPhone 3G) the Fujifilm finepix XP30 has all the features that the XP20 has; water, dust, shock, and freezer… Continue Reading →

ROV – Part 4: Vision System

I picked up a Edimax Wired Network IP Camera from Maplins I wanted to evaluate it for the posibility of using them with my ROV Project (And Perhaps a Birdbox idea for my mum). At the moment its sat on… Continue Reading →

ROV – Part 3: Control System

I have been playing with Microsoft Visio (My First ROV Visio File) to create a Drawing smiler to the one I found of BART. There are two things you may spot on my Schematic Diagram; My cunning use of Ethernet over CAT 5 for… Continue Reading →

Walk from Stratford to Camden

Having not much else on Loupie and I went for a walk to Camden, Starting from Stratford Underground station, we had hoped to take the Greenway. and join up with the canal; however there was a slight diversion required.Stratford end… Continue Reading →

Walk along the Regents Canal – Camden to Battlebridge Basin

Leaving Camden Loupie, JD, and I walked along the Regents Canal towards Battlebridge Basin; starting at Camden Lock.Going away from Kings Cross was the Pirates Boat; and a grey 55foot Live aboardsaw a flyer for Friends of Regents CanalThe Lock… Continue Reading →

Lomography – Sprocket Rocket

A while ago I bought my self a Sprocket Rocket camera, the Sprocket Rocket is a 35 mm film camera that packages an ultra wide angle lens, that allows you to capture the image on the whole width of the… Continue Reading →

Some Kind Person…

While at the Welshchurch for the Woodhouse Players’ Mother Goose, some ¿wonderful and kind? took it as there right to help themselves to my Camera bag, containing all my camera equipment; as well as loupie’s little bridge camera. As you… Continue Reading →

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