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Testing IoT Boat Part One

More than a few years ago, I bought myself a Remote Control boat, a Kyosho Wave Master: The WaveMaster is a semi scale model of an F-1 tunnel hull racing boat. Tunnel hulls work by trapping a cushion of air… Continue reading →

.@Coalboat playing with the train

More signs than chains of path

Following on from the plans to put a path in between the Chips building (Ancoats) and New Islington Tram stop , over the Ashton canal,  this is what they have managed to achieve! A chain is 22 yards! the path… Continue reading →

New Islington Free School

Over the weekend I received a letter from Julie Roscoe (head of planning at Manchester City Council) informing me that application number 104709/FO/2014/N1: “erection of a part 2, part single story building to form a new 2-form entry school with… Continue reading →

Best laid plans of planners and builders…

From my recent post about the planned school for the land at New Islington Marina / Cotton Fields in Manchester, you may recognise this diagram from the planning submission: Now the cunningly awake ones of you will have seen in… Continue reading →

Canals of England typography project

The Canals of England typography project is a project by Olly Sorsby, he describes it thus: The notion behind this project was reinvention. To design a logo for every canal in England, by taking influence from their past, to create… Continue reading →

CaRT working hard at being invisible…

The Tail of one CITY^H^H^H^H Town

I am reading the Swindon Masterplan Report (Draft Rev C), while the document is not all about canals; in fact very little of it is about canals, the Swindon Evening Advertiser would have you believe it was a well supported plan… Continue reading →

Canals of Swindon

Swindon Borough Council, have been writing consultations again, The Swindon Advertiser reported “Residents want canal back in town centre masterplan” [link]. THE GRAND plan for an overhaul of Swindon town centre could be set to get its own makeover –… Continue reading →

Fix my Navigation

Rose of Arden has a blog post called Fix My Canal, where they talk about Canal and River Trusts maintenance record, and the lack of public record on the reporting of infrastructure problems. While individuals can post problems they have… Continue reading →

The Thames and Severn Canal at South Cerney

On September 13th I issued a Guess where on my 365, well b0atg1rl and I were out for a walk, and being it was almost a nice day, we went for a walk along the Cotswold part of the Thames… Continue reading →

Springer for sale

UPDATE! nbArianrhod is also listed on Tomorrow (Thursday 23rd), b0atg1rl and I will be down at her, as we have a couple of viewings, If you want to have a look, or want further details, please contact her. ‘nbArianrhod’… Continue reading →

River Rats and Other Derogatory Terms

Abi Rant‘s “River Rats and Other Derogatory Terms” is a poem that hits a cord with me; it’s a performance poetry piece so you really are better listening to the file [podcast]//[/podcast]   I want the freedom to be different, I don’t have to… Continue reading →

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