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Little bit of ice

Testing IoT Boat Part One

More than a few years ago, I bought myself a Remote Control boat, a Kyosho Wave Master: The WaveMaster is a semi scale model of an F-1 tunnel hull racing boat. Tunnel hulls work by trapping a cushion of air between the hull and water to reduce friction which allows the boat to travel even […]

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[email protected] playing with the train

More signs than chains of path

Following on from the plans to put a path in between the Chips building (Ancoats) and New Islington Tram stop , over the Ashton canal,  this is what they have managed to achieve! A chain is 22 yards! the path is approximately 44 yards long, or 2 chains long, but some how need 5 Signs! […]

Photo voltaic connectors

For a while I have been planning on cleaning up the Photovoltaic cable run on nbSteven, on Amazon I found these MC4 (Multi connect) (5 Pack) and these Y leads. According to the Datasheet the they are rated to 30 A at 1000 V DC which should be more than I will need (At the […]

New Islington Free School

Over the weekend I received a letter from Julie Roscoe (head of planning at Manchester City Council) informing me that application number 104709/FO/2014/N1: “erection of a part 2, part single story building to form a new 2-form entry school with associated car parking, landscaping, play areas, boundary treatment and vehicular access from Old Mill Street” […]

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Best laid plans of planners and builders…

From my recent post about the planned school for the land at New Islington Marina / Cotton Fields in Manchester, you may recognise this diagram from the planning submission: Now the cunningly awake ones of you will have seen in the files e-Documents- 104709-dlp-0001 – Location Plan and e-Documents- 104709-dpp-0008 – landscape and the locations they […]