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I am not GO SKIPPY!!!!

For those of you who get confused, and think I am Go Skippy Car (and or) Van Insurance, I am not, I am not eCar Car insurance either… From: heselden <[email protected]> Subject: postal address Message Body: could you please supply me… Continue Reading →

Another (un)happy customer

I got this via email this morning: Hi, just wanted to thank you for this post.I got burned by this company – they are refusing to refund me in full for a PAYG policy that was in the wrong name… Continue Reading →

Do I look like GoSkippy?

I am not sure why I get people filling in my contact form like this: From: Evangeline Gonzales Subject: cost for additional driver Message Body: Hi, Rick or Chris,i wonder if i can add my husband to my excisting policy… Continue Reading →

Thoughts on a new ‘Car’

With FiFi (my brothers girlfriends old Ford Fiesta) being expensively broken fuel leak (out, air leak in) on the injector side of the top of the engine, and the gear box having lost Fifth and Reverse (push rods are moving… Continue Reading →

Car Insurance

One of the amusing requirements of driving a car in the UK is car insurance, it is primary use is to provide financial protection against physical damage and/or bodily injury resulting from traffic collisions and against liability that could also arise therefrom. For… Continue Reading →

Trains and Cost – Part 3: Public Investment v Wasteful Subsidy

In 2011 passengers contributed about £6.5bn and taxpayers £4bn a year to the running of the railways (ref). Now I will be the first to admit I don’t like how the Rail Network is set up at current [1, and 2]. However… Continue Reading →

Cycling vs Motorbike – Thoughts on Other Road Users

Poor lil Steph has put up with me riding her through rain and well less bad weather for about 500 miles now; and I am intrested in the way that I am treated by other vehcials. Cars and Lorrys give… Continue Reading →

Transport for London’s Please Take Care…

I got the following email off of Transport for London’s Ben Plowden: Dear Skippy, I am writing to both cyclists and drivers to remind them to take care on London’s roads. Cyclists are reminded to: Be aware of blind spots… Continue Reading →

Long Live the Pony

With its MOT due, and Tax getting close to running out; the Pony was sent to car heaven, or hell; or better yet being a Pagan’s car reincarnation 😛 by my cheapest estimates the car would have needed £600+ of… Continue Reading →

Social and Anti-Social Transport

Last night I went to see Andi, Maddy, and Storm, for our semi regulare dose of two hot men, Sherlock Holmes and Dr John Watson. This was not really that well planed (Maddy and I aranged it on Wednesday). The… Continue Reading →

Driving test

Today I took my Driving Theory test, The test is a two part test, a Multiple choice part, and a Hazard perception part, To pass the multiple choice part you have to score above 30 out of 35, and for… Continue Reading →

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