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Jobless Skippy is Sans Job

Things sort of went quite badly last weekend; and I did something silly on Monday evening, on Tuesday Morning I went to my GP and talked to him, He gave me a prescription for Citalopram and looked into setting up a referral for me to the Mental Health Team, On Thursday, I went was called into […]

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Social and Anti-Social Transport

Last night I went to see Andi, Maddy, and Storm, for our semi regulare dose of two hot men, Sherlock Holmes and Dr John Watson. This was not really that well planed (Maddy and I aranged it on Wednesday). The journey from Culham to Cheltenham and back is about 100 miles; the using the AA list […]

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MASCOT is one of those weird things we have at work; (Italian: MAniplatore Servo COntrollato Transistosissato / English: Transistorised Servo Controlled Manipulator). its the in vessel remote controlled robotic arm for JET, there are two, one that I Photographed, that has never been in vessel; and one that hides in a tent because it may […]

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MAST tour

Last week Peter took a group of people for a look round MAST (Mega Ampere Spherical Tokamak), MAST like JET (JET Tourus Hall Photos) is a Nuclear Fusion Reactor, unlike JET however MAST is a Spherical Tokamak, making it smaller; and more compact.

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JET Torus Hall

During the last JET Shutdown, Mark Woollard mounted a digital camera inside the JET Torus Hall to record the working activities of the Shutdown. Over the course of the Shutdown the camera captured about 32,000 still images. These Images have now been made into a time-lapse movie. This is about 20 months of work in […]

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Boats for Sale

Yesterday after reading Maffi’s (nbMillyM) response to nbStarcross’ Post I thought I would have a gander up at Thrupp to have a look at the two boats he mentioned in his post; nb Sir Reginald, nb Cock Robin; yep, still looking for a Narrow Boat to live on. Looking it up on the map; it looked like it […]

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CCFE Flywheels; Revisited.

At work today, we had a work tour of the flywheels; that I have previously mentioned; The Flywheel Generator Converter (FGC) works in a similar manner to the alternator in a car, the rotating part of the Generator carries the poles which when energised will generate electricity. the rotor is 9 meters in diameter and […]