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Bike & Go – 10 out of 10 for the idea… minus 10, million for the implementation

At Ellesmere Port train station (nearest station to the National Waterways Museum) is a Cycle rack full of Bike and Go bikes to ready to hire for the cheap cheap price of £3.80 per day! I mean how awesome would… Continue Reading →

HacMan hit @makerfaire_uk #makerfair

Taking a Bike on a Virgin

For the last while me and my bike have been traveling between Manchester Piccadilly and Crewe, Virgin run an hourly service between these two stations using Class 390 Pendolino Stock, with most of the sets being brought into service between… Continue Reading →

Double Diamond Construction duty of care

Yesterday while on my way to work cycling towards this junction This “gentlemen” In this van Decided that undertaking me (he must have been right on the kerb) (right hand lane to go strait over) before the lane split, then… Continue Reading →

Addison Lee Cabs on Collisons with Cyclists

Last weekend I went to London to see bma, Emily, Glenn and Loupie.  While walking into London from Kings Cross on Saturday with bma, we observed a collision between an Addison Lee Cab, and a Boris bike; Luckily the ¿French?… Continue Reading →

Pulling a trailer

I have been looking at a small motorcycle trailer for a while, and now b0atg1rl and I own Puff, I can now look more at getting a small motorcycle trailer; I am after a trailer that has three channels for… Continue Reading →

Share the Space, Drop the Pace

After abandoning “The Two Ting’s” Campaign, and removing the Tow-path Cycling Permit, British Waterways, (Canal and Rivers Trust) in partnership with TfL, have had a cunning idea to make cycling and walking on the London Cycle paths to coexist in a more peaceful manor. Given that the canal towpaths… Continue Reading →

Some Muppit Stole Steph

UPDATE: She has been Found. While I was at work today, some un kind person stole Steph (S85STF) from Gloucester Street, on the corner with Fishponds road. Talking to people in the area we think she was taken between 10:00… Continue Reading →

Cycling vs Motorbike – Thoughts on Other Road Users

Poor lil Steph has put up with me riding her through rain and well less bad weather for about 500 miles now; and I am intrested in the way that I am treated by other vehcials. Cars and Lorrys give… Continue Reading →

Transport for London’s Please Take Care…

I got the following email off of Transport for London’s Ben Plowden: Dear Skippy, I am writing to both cyclists and drivers to remind them to take care on London’s roads. Cyclists are reminded to: Be aware of blind spots… Continue Reading →

Crap Cycle Facilities — Gloucester

There are a number of Blogs that  I follow on the subject of Cycling: [wp-blogroll catname=”Cycling” showdesc=0 orderby=rand showbrk=1 notitle=1] And one of the things that is sometimes worth a look is Warrington Cycle Campaign’s “Cycle Facility of the Month”. This… Continue Reading →

The Other way on the Wilts and Berks

This is my wondering the other way along the Wilts and Berks Canal from Purton Road Bridge into West Swindon, this should be from just south of the number 5. The Cycle path at this point crosses the line of the… Continue Reading →

Still on for afloat

A while ago I cycled up the toe path to Thrupp and met up with Maffi for a pint to talk about getting afloat; other things which are of use are that Amy, of nbLuckyDuck has been answering questions to her… Continue Reading →

Cycling by the Canals

In Narrowboat World Christian Wolmar after a walk around the Regents Canal Towpath is quoted as saying “Cyclists should not cycle aggressively. We’ve seen one or two people today pumping iron. The towpath is not for speed and it’s not… Continue Reading →

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