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Day Zero

Problems with my 365 :(

For some reason my Project 365 has stopped dealing with emails correctly; so until that is fixed I am going to pause it. I will still poke photos to it sporadically; but they wont be part of my 365. I… Continue Reading →

Task 51 – Start my Own Business

On my Day Zero List is to Start my Own Business; I have been toying with the idea of this for a while; and while I do poke Just Vigilantes for a while I have always been running it via a VM… Continue Reading →

Book 3: How to Start Your Own Business.

Rico Nelson’s “How to Start Your Own Business: Step by Step Guide To Starting Your Own Business Volume 2” was a free kindle book that I picked up to have a flick through in relation to task 51 – Start… Continue Reading →

Task 82 – Build a 3D Printer

Sublime’s Tantillus 3D Printer looks like an interesting printer, I will have to ask Nathaniel to print me one when Sublime realises the part files. The things that draw me to this 3D printer are its compact size; its mostly printable; and easy to build… Continue Reading →

Tasks 35 & 36 – Go without Chocolate, Coffee, and Tea for a month.

For the month of March I have chosen to give up Chocolate, Coffee, and Tea, this is going to be much more painful than the week I gave up Alcohol, Chocolate, Coffee, and Tea. The photo to the left shows the… Continue Reading →

Task 46 – Stop Biting My Nails

I have been biting my nails for as long as I can remember; however I added it to my Day Zero, so that I could try and stop biting my nails, I tend to bite them more when I am upset,… Continue Reading →

Task 72 – Learn to Program

On my Day Zero List is the desire to learn to program; one of the things that people have been playing with in their down time here at Pennant Traning Systems is Project Euler: What is Project Euler? Project Euler… Continue Reading →

Book 36 – 10 Fun Things To Do With Your Microwave

The Free Kindle Book; 10 Fun Things To Do With Your Microwave has a number of projects including: Build a Miceowave Transformer Stick/Ark Welder How to Measure the Speed of light using Chocolate Microwave CD Candle Holder 5 Minute Chocolate Cake The… Continue Reading →

I have Pulled Stephanie

Ok so Stephanie is not some lovely young lady, more is the pity her name is Stephanie due to her number plate “J85STF”; which makes her the first vehicle I have ever owned with a name. She is a Yamaha SR 125…. Continue Reading →

Book 30 & 31 – The Gruffalo [Audiobook], and Pixar’s Ratatouille [Audiobook]

On the way to look at boats on Friday, Mum and I listened to two audio books in the car; Julia Donaldson’s The Gruffalo (Read by Imelda Staunton), and Walt Disney / Pixar’s Ratatouille, Both are easy to listen to while… Continue Reading →

Yamaha SR125

The Bike that Azz and I looked at today in Carterton is a Yamaha SR125; mine does not look like the one to the Right. The SR125 is sold as a learner or commuter bike, the page for the Yamaha… Continue Reading →

2004 SACHS XTC 125 streetfighter

The SACHS XTC 125 is finished and now on eBay; have a look 😀 Once the SACHS has sold, Azz and I can go shopping for my bike 😀 A nice shinny Yamaha SR125. however the only thing that needs done to… Continue Reading →

Book 29 – The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (free Kindle edition) is available as a free Kindle book; I started reading it on my Mac, and iPhone; but with the purchase of my Kindle, I found reading to be easer;… Continue Reading →

Playing with a SACHS XTC 125

Over the weekend; Random Zero, Betty and I were playing with the SACHS XTC 125 4-stroke, (Sachs XTC 125 Motorcycle Workshop Manual)   This is the SACHS XTC 125 when we picked it up in Bracknell, it has at this… Continue Reading →

Number 72 – Update my CV

Number 72 on my Day Zero Project is to update my CV, while I have been doing this for a while; just to make sure its always up to date, however with the IET (The Institution of Engineering and Technology)… Continue Reading →

Number 41 – Stripping the Carb

Yesterday Random Zero and I spent the day poking my Bike, and going shopping, the result of the shopping is that I now look like some one in Black and Red: Oh and my hair was re poked this time… Continue Reading →

Number 49 – Dye my hair a non-natural colour, ITS BLUE!!!!

Last night Hinge Came round, for our normal mid-week chat, and Sauna. Before she got here I did a bit of chemistry: As you can see, I had made up a blue paste, that I assumed should have been white… Continue Reading →

Number 49 – Dye my hair a non natural colour Attempt 2

I ordered my new hair dye and bleach from Voluptupuss yesterday, and they are sat here on my desk at work today 😀 Next week Hinge will hopefully be coming round, so beside sitting in the Sauna chatting, I can… Continue Reading →

Number 49 – Dye my hair a non natural colour

As part of my Day Zero Challange, one of the items is to dye my hair a non-natural colour, I have had my eye on dying my hair blue for a while; Manic Panic, do a colour called “Shocking Blue”… Continue Reading →

Number 41 – more bike.

More shinny photos of my bike 🙂 Random Zero has been looking after my bike, I think it looks better now it is black, although the fule tank needs more naked girls riding dragons.

Number 8 – Head of the Thames

[photonav url=’’] A while ago Loupie and I went to Trewsbury Mead to look for the source of the Thames; Thames Head There’s a little cup in the Cotswold HillsWhich a spring in a meadow bubbles and fillsSpanned by a… Continue Reading →

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