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Why eBooks changed my reading habit.

I read Delkaetre’s post on why she doesn’t have an ebook reader yet; I do have a Kindle, which I use in place of my book shelf most of the time. Her reasons for not liking an ebook reader include being able… Continue Reading →

Book 8: Using OS X Lion Server at Home: A Step by Step Guide

We Got Served’s “Using OS X Lion Server at Home: A Step by Step Guide” by Terry Walsh is a good introduction to OS X Lion Server, I read this one after reading Using Mac OS X Lion Server: Managing Mac… Continue Reading →

Book 4: Living Afloat

Peter Underwood’s (@Livingafloat) “Living Afloat” was a book that I picked up when it was free on Kindle; I follow Peter on Twitter where he is an active member of the #boatsthattweet group. The Kindle book seems to be unavailable;… Continue Reading →

Book 3: How to Start Your Own Business.

Rico Nelson’s “How to Start Your Own Business: Step by Step Guide To Starting Your Own Business Volume 2” was a free kindle book that I picked up to have a flick through in relation to task 51 – Start… Continue Reading →

Book 36 – 10 Fun Things To Do With Your Microwave

The Free Kindle Book; 10 Fun Things To Do With Your Microwave has a number of projects including: Build a Miceowave Transformer Stick/Ark Welder How to Measure the Speed of light using Chocolate Microwave CD Candle Holder 5 Minute Chocolate Cake The… Continue Reading →

Book 35 – Her Master’s Slut (Training Eleanor)

Chancie Walker’s “Her Master’s Slut” in my opinion is not very well written, and I shall not be buying or reading the two other books in the trilogy. although it was a nice short book. Eleanor believes herself to be frigid. Twenty-two,… Continue Reading →

Book 29 – The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (free Kindle edition) is available as a free Kindle book; I started reading it on my Mac, and iPhone; but with the purchase of my Kindle, I found reading to be easer;… Continue Reading →

New Kindle

My new Kindle came today 🙂 Very small box; not much bigger than the Kindle, Amazon like minimalist packaging 🙂 It looks like they have been talking to Apple. The Kindle comes nicely wrapped in a box with the instructions in the… Continue Reading →

Book 25 – The Book of Biff #1 Target Practice

Chris Hallbeck’s “Book of Biff” is a free Kindle book, I downloaded it to see what a Graphical book would look like on the Kindle app on the iPhone; Desktop App; and when I can use on a full blown… Continue Reading →

100+ Challenge update (its not going well).

I am currently not doing that well on my 100+ Reading Challenge; I am currently up to book number 24, leaving me just under 5 months to read the remaining 76 books to get to the minimum 100. One of… Continue Reading →

Dead Tree Ware Vs Kindle Vs iBook

I buy most of my Dead Tree Ware books from Amazon; a very convenient way to acquire books; I select which ones I want; click send to me; wait a few days and a box arrives; What makes Amazon even… Continue Reading →

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