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Last day of @makerfaire_uk #makerfaire

Photos from Day two of the UK Maker Faire in Newcastle-upon-Tyne’s Life Centre for Life 2015:

First day of @makerfaire_uk #makerfaire

Photos from Day one of the UK Maker Faire in Newcastle-upon-Tyne’s Life Centre for Life 2015:

An update

It’s been a fair while since I last wrote an update to my blog; back then b0atg1rl and I were looking for a boat; since then we have bought ourselves a 58ft Semi-Trad called nbSteven (the name will be changed when… Continue Reading →

Boat Hunting

B0atg1rl and I went boat hunting for a craft to call our own, this outing started with a virtual perambulation of the normal haunts, and then a trip to North Wales; while poking around Chirk Marina we came across a boat that looks like… Continue Reading →

The Steph is dead

Not only is Steph dead; but she is in little bits all over ebay, Random Zero is selling her off on my behalf to raise money so that GLaDOS (Suzuki Maurauder GZ 125) can live, if you want parts for… Continue Reading →

Striking a Cord

I have been collecting some images for the screensaver of my work machine, I have come across these two, the first being: What do I fear? I fear stagnation and lack of progress. I fear never reaching my potential and being… Continue Reading →

Under the knife.

After the falling off Steph part and my last visit to the doctors and the hospital. Yesterday I got to go again. This was my hand before in its fetching blue thumb splint: And this was my hands after coming out from… Continue Reading →

A visit to the Doctor

After yesterdays fun at A&E I went back for fracture clinic today; they cut my bandage off and gave me a splint, and an appointment for them to put a small pin in my thumb on Tuesday next week

Ouch; falling off Steph

Yesterday on my way to see B0atG1rl in Bath as I was travailing down the B4069 Following the road round a right hand bend I came face to face with a car travelling towards me in my lane, in trying… Continue Reading →

Playing with a SACHS XTC 125

Over the weekend; Random Zero, Betty and I were playing with the SACHS XTC 125 4-stroke, (Sachs XTC 125 Motorcycle Workshop Manual)   This is the SACHS XTC 125 when we picked it up in Bracknell, it has at this… Continue Reading →

My boat :)

My friend Fiona made me a cake for my 28th Birthday. Now down the Glue Pot with friends 🙂

More Playing with Bike

My Motor Cycle now has handle bars 😀 As Part of this bit; I am now fixing the new control wires to the bike; The fuel tank may need a paint; it is lacking images of naked women ridding dragons…. Continue Reading →

Number 41 – The Help has Arrived

I ordered some parts for my Motor Cycle from an online company called wemoto, so hopefully soon I will be the proud custodian of some break pads, a battery, spark plugs, and an oil filter. Also at the same time… Continue Reading →

Anki’s Boat

Today Loupie and I went to see a friend that we met at Vagabond’s; a nice London Goth lass by the name of Anki. Anki lives on a lovely 65ft boat on a permanent mooring 5 minutes from Kings Cross… Continue Reading →

Nikon or Canon

After the kind person stole my camera equipment; the police said that they have closed the case due to lack of evidence; I am not sure if I should come to the conclusion that I could steal something in East… Continue Reading →

Number 15 – Suggestions from Work

For Task 15, I also asked some of the people I work with for suggestions; and this is what they came up with: Alex Muir: “For Whom The Bell Tolls” – Ernest Hemingway Chris Jones: “Glittering Images” – Susan Howatch… Continue Reading →

Number 15 – Suggestions so Far

So Far the suggestions for my 20 books by 20 Friends have been: Elizabeth: Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World” LadySavage: Barbra Gowdy’s “we seldom look on love” Ryan Osborn-Smith: Alfred Bester’s “The Stars My Destination” Rozi Rowcroft: Voltaire’s “Candide” Davina… Continue Reading →

Number 15 – Ask 20 Friends to Suggest One Book Each and Read them All.

As part of my 100+ Challenge I hope to open up the books that I read to include ones that I would never have thought about reading otherwise; as such Task 15 is to ask for 20 Friends to recommend… Continue Reading →

New year, New start.

Here Loupie and I are sat here at the Vagabonds New Years party, a lot has happened in the last year, all our sites are now on the new server. Our old host went down, and left us without any… Continue Reading →


Went to a small party at Kris, and Ashlie’s house yesterday Chris Laversha and Ashlie carved a Pumpkin, on one side was the upsu logo, and the other i belive there was a Face, Due to the Saturday night being the… Continue Reading →

Microlink strike again

Microlink, that lovely kind group of people who call them selfs a company….. [insert sarcasm stick here] have another complaint against them…. Yesterday Ben and myself were in the union, when a Guy from the Sail and Power Club at the union came up to us,… Continue Reading →

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