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Git stuff and 52 Weeks of Code

Sometimes I feel that my geek credentials are lacking given the lack of code I write, yes I make cool things occasionally, I work as an EMC Engineer for a small Stockport Company, I am a Director of Squashed Fly… Continue reading →

Bristol Mini Maker Faire 2016

Today like last year I went to Bristol for the mini maker Faire (unlike Manchester and Liverpool Makefest this one still pays the silly amount of money to use the make branding). Unlike last year @Bristol charged at the door… Continue reading →

Installed Sentora… What’s next?

Silly PHP upload limits One of the things that I find really unhelpful is that PHP by default has a silly small upload limit, normally I get around this on a per site basis by editing .htaccess with the following,… Continue reading →

Cheep Chinese ‘duino – OS X 10.11 El Capitan

This is an update from a previous post, since there have been some changes to getting them to work under OSX. I found these Arduino Uno clones (link) on Ali Express for £2.16 each with free shipping from china, I… Continue reading →

Let’s encrypt Postfix and Dovecot

Following on from Setting up Sentora and setting up HTTPS on domains, it is now time to do something about the encryption of emails between clients and the server (I have written about end to end encryption on macs before). I hate playing… Continue reading →

Testing IoT Boat Part One

More than a few years ago, I bought myself a Remote Control boat, a Kyosho Wave Master: The WaveMaster is a semi scale model of an F-1 tunnel hull racing boat. Tunnel hulls work by trapping a cushion of air… Continue reading →

The Biggest Mistake in Choosing a Web Host (& How to Avoid it)

Running a hosting business, I frequently chat with folks making the decision on where to host their sites. Other times, people are evaluating existing services and expenditures, wanting to make sure they are getting the best value for their hosting… Continue reading →

RS485 on Arduino

Following on from the RS485 on an Raspbery Pi post, I also picked up a LinkSprite RS485 Arduino board from RoboSavvy (Arduino RS485 schematics). I plan on trying to get the two to talk to each other, using a short… Continue reading →

Cosplay with jake

Down at hackspace today jake and I had a go at taking the eMac to bits. Jake is a bit of a cos play geek 🙂 This is the old eMac that is being turned into the helmet for his… Continue reading →

Finder Tags and Me

I have been following But She’s a Girl for a while. A while ago I chose to implement her recommended use for Mavericks Finder Tags: I don’t use tags in the usual way (with keyword-like tags), but instead use them… Continue reading →

My Best Advice for Small Business Websites

It’s common for me to advise my clients, mostly small businesses, non-profits and independent professionals on all phases of setting up their websites. Sometimes they listen to my advice. But not always. The best suggestion I give out routinely is,… Continue reading →

The Saga of Artisteer 4 for Mac

After my Previous post about Artesteer 4 for mac, there has been two sets of movement, that of the people on the support forum, and the glacial lack of movement of the Official Artisteer team. Artisteer are still listing as… Continue reading →

Testing Zpanel CP

I have picked up a Xen VPS to test Zpanel Control Panel out on, at the moment I am with Bytemark using there Symbiosis control panel; which while lovely for my interfacing with my server, makes it harder to offload some administration… Continue reading →

Wireless on a boat

Despite living in a marina, right next to the wireless box arial, We have very little signal (red arrow on the side of the building 60 foot away). Looking at the router, it looks like it is a TP Link… Continue reading →

Home Made Keyboards – Part 2: More Ideas

[toc]I have been looking around the internet for more ideas on Chording keyboards; and have come across more examples that I can use to refine my plan: The AgendA The AgendA is a British-designed organiser from the mid-80s. Its most striking feature… Continue reading →

Home Made Keyboards – Part 1: Project Overview

A while ago I cam across the Stenograph system, and thought about making myself a Steno Keyboard or something smiler, looking into I found this: There are two types of keyboard used in the UK for STTRs (Speech to Text Reporter), the… Continue reading →

Task 72 – Learn to Program

On my Day Zero List is the desire to learn to program; one of the things that people have been playing with in their down time here at Pennant Traning Systems is Project Euler: What is Project Euler? Project Euler… Continue reading →

Macintosh SE/30 and System 7

While at CCFE they were going through a time of clearing out random things that hadn’t been used in years; I came across a Macintosh SE/30 The Macintosh SE/30 is a personal computer that was designed, manufactured and sold by Apple Computer, Inc. from… Continue reading →

ROV – Part 3: Control System

I have been playing with Microsoft Visio (My First ROV Visio File) to create a Drawing smiler to the one I found of BART. There are two things you may spot on my Schematic Diagram; My cunning use of Ethernet over CAT 5 for… Continue reading →

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