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Gothing up Casts and other things

One of the nice things about my “lightweight” cast was I was given a choice of colours, and chose black; however my first cast was white. Even though my cast was Black after being worn for a couple of weeks it was looking a little shabby; so to make it look a little cleaner and […]

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Vampire Wine

Rumor has it that the Vampire Vineyards are actually owned by a circle of vampires, and the company’s founder, an entertainment attorney from New York, is actually just a front. (Whether he and his convertible were commandeered by a Vampire is still a subject for debate.) We do know however that after satiating themselves for […]

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Book 23 – Paint it Black

Voltaire’s “Paint it Black” is billed as “A guide to Gothic Home making” its a mostly light hearted look at Goths, and how they dress, and like to live; however it also has some very cool ideas for home decoration, and some ideas I would like to try out when I have my own Space; […]

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Book 20 – Little Book of Goths

Dan Vice’s “The Little Book of Goths” is an interesting satirical look at Goth Culture; however its amusingly accurate in some regards; Charlotte Hathaway wrote this book under the pseudonym Dan Vice “in case the hive has been stirred and angered by this light-hearted guide.” The book features well known London goth pubs like the […]