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Sentora and Flask

Every so often I want to try something new… and with Tas learning python and flask, it looks like time to try and work out how to host flask projects on njoror. Installing Flask on my machine is done by sudo… Continue Reading →

Plus addressing on Sentora

TL;DR – It doesn’t work yet 🙁 I am trying to move my to my new server, however, I have been adding things after the local part deliminated with a +, for a while now, while this works out the… Continue Reading →

Installed Sentora… What’s next?

Silly PHP upload limits One of the things that I find really unhelpful is that PHP by default has a silly small upload limit, normally I get around this on a per site basis by editing .htaccess with the following,… Continue Reading →

Sentora SSL VHOST Generator

While Setting up Encryption on each of my domains, I found the process to be a little long winded, and hassle (lots of copy pasta and replacing of text). So I have set up this little generator that I hope will make… Continue Reading →

Setting up Sentora on Bytemark with SSL

Spin up a new server on Bytemark’s BigV Install Ubuntu 14.04. I have changed the reverse DNS to Set up SSH Key login Visit and follow the instructions:  (this is done from the root user of your VPS… Continue Reading →

How to set up and run with Bytemark’s Symbiosis Part 2

Following on from Part 1, we now have three of the Norse Goddesses up and running (If you hadn’t guessed what my naming convention is by now…) The site we are going to use for this bit of the up… Continue Reading →

Updates to the Family Tree

It looks like MyHeritage now has a “Mac Version” of their software (this should reduce my dad’s number of computers down to one). Historicity they recommended all kinds of horrible things (running virtual machines etc.), but there application could not… Continue Reading →

Remote Tech Support tool and Bird Boxes

To facilitate remote tech support, we need a server some place safe, like this one. We also need to give the Raspberry Pi a username and password so it can log in (this article was used as a guide). But why… Continue Reading →

The Biggest Mistake in Choosing a Web Host (& How to Avoid it)

Running a hosting business, I frequently chat with folks making the decision on where to host their sites. Other times, people are evaluating existing services and expenditures, wanting to make sure they are getting the best value for their hosting… Continue Reading →

SSL on Zpanel / Sentora

With the passing of ZPanel into the dark, and hopefuly being reborn as Sentora, one of the things that would be a nice to have built in to Sentora would be support for Let’s Encrypt is a new Certificate… Continue Reading →

A solution to spam?

Deanna has been getting some spam from a company called Communicado, she decided to deal with it by writing back to them and and letting them know that the emails were illegal: Subject: Bill for damages for illegal commercial email… Continue Reading →

Biscuit soft launch

A while ago I was asked by the wonderful Lottie if I would work with her on a project. Biscuit is that project. What is Biscuit? Biscuit is a brand new online magazine for the growing demographic of women who… Continue Reading →

New web project:

Over at Just Vigilantes we have been working on a new project,, The main domain name is kind of Maffi’s fault, and subsequently was bought for this project back when I was first looking for a boat, however it… Continue Reading →

My Best Advice for Small Business Websites

It’s common for me to advise my clients, mostly small businesses, non-profits and independent professionals on all phases of setting up their websites. Sometimes they listen to my advice. But not always. The best suggestion I give out routinely is,… Continue Reading →

Be Kind to Your Webmaster

Your Webmaster has the same goals as you do when it comes to your website: keeping the site running properly, current with the latest info and, of course, beautiful! There are plenty of ways you can easily support them in… Continue Reading →

About ZPanel Control Panel

Just Vigilantes use the ZPanel Control Panel, ZPanel is a system that helps in the day to day tasks involved in administration of a typical website on the internet. Its goal is to simplify running web and email hosting across… Continue Reading →

Dealing with TrackBack Spam is quite an old blog, and while my 365 Blog is not as old; one of the things that is getting old is TrackBack Spam, Both Blogs are hosted on the same WordPress MultiUser / WordPress Networks install at… Continue Reading →

The Saga of Artisteer 4 for Mac

After my Previous post about Artesteer 4 for mac, there has been two sets of movement, that of the people on the support forum, and the glacial lack of movement of the Official Artisteer team. Artisteer are still listing as… Continue Reading →

Artisteer for Mac Review, and Why no Version 4?

A fair while ago I picked up Artisteer for Mac, it looked like a useful tool: Artisteer is the first and only Web design automation product that instantly creates fantastic looking, unique website templates and blog themes. Design awesome blogs… Continue Reading →

Testing Zpanel CP

I have picked up a Xen VPS to test Zpanel Control Panel out on, at the moment I am with Bytemark using there Symbiosis control panel; which while lovely for my interfacing with my server, makes it harder to offload some administration… Continue Reading →

Why WWW.YourDomain.TLD is Doing it wrong

WWW is depreciated WWW stands for World Wide Web, which is a term that is seldom used anymore. The use of www in a domain name is redundant and time consuming, browsers automatically prepend all URLs with the http:// protocol… Continue Reading →

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