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Image Correction

These images came from my “dot” (made by kogeto. link) The app doesn’t seem to be working quite as well as it used to (crashes out), and well requires me to take the case off my iPhone; I am wondering how to turn these images into panoramas using ImageMagick or GD from the command line? […]

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Leaving o2

After being with O2 for a while (5 years), and getting slowly getting more and more niggled by them and that I have been paying £21.41 pcm for 600 minutes, 1200 SMS, (un)unlimited (retarded) internet (without tethering), She who must be obayed took me accross to the T-Mobile/Everything Everywhere (Nothing Nowhere) store in Swindon, where because she […]

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bmi.js is not my baby

I’m currently using a T-Mobile 3G mobile connection to do most of my web browsing, as well as the area I am living in not having any signal strength; I have been getting more and more miffed at the image compression and bmi.js, ( I have written about this before). Bmi.js, and I guess the image […]

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O2 and T-Mobile on Compressing the Web.

We have known for a while that O2 compress and manipulate the internet connection that they offer to their mobile internet users. For this test I am using the The ISO 12233 Target, and a randomly mildly ammusing mame I found online. The ISO 12233 target was developed for digital camera applications. It includes several diffrent patterns, […]