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Addison Lee Cabs on Collisons with Cyclists

Last weekend I went to London to see bma, Emily, Glenn and Loupie.  While walking into London from Kings Cross on Saturday with bma, we observed a collision between an Addison Lee Cab, and a Boris bike; Luckily the ¿French?… Continue Reading →

Share the Space, Drop the Pace

After abandoning “The Two Ting’s” Campaign, and removing the Tow-path Cycling Permit, British Waterways, (Canal and Rivers Trust) in partnership with TfL, have had a cunning idea to make cycling and walking on the London Cycle paths to coexist in a more peaceful manor. Given that the canal towpaths… Continue Reading →

Trains and Cost – Part 3: Public Investment v Wasteful Subsidy

In 2011 passengers contributed about £6.5bn and taxpayers £4bn a year to the running of the railways (ref). Now I will be the first to admit I don’t like how the Rail Network is set up at current [1, and 2]. However… Continue Reading →

Transport for London’s Please Take Care…

I got the following email off of Transport for London’s Ben Plowden: Dear Skippy, I am writing to both cyclists and drivers to remind them to take care on London’s roads. Cyclists are reminded to: Be aware of blind spots… Continue Reading →

Towpath Books – Word on the water

The London book barge, sell books from a Dutch barge called Dianti, at the weekend they were in Camden Lock; it looks like a great second hand book shop, will have to go back and have a look when i have… Continue Reading →

Free Wi-Fi?

About twice a week I catch the Oxford Tube to London, in general they are very comfortable; and clean, one of the nice things that they advertise is wireless internet, which would but or three things, One: You have to… Continue Reading →

Another Map of London Canals

Another map of the Canals in and around London, this one comes from British Waterways, via WaterScape.

Book 20 – Little Book of Goths

Dan Vice’s “The Little Book of Goths” is an interesting satirical look at Goth Culture; however its amusingly accurate in some regards; Charlotte Hathaway wrote this book under the pseudonym Dan Vice “in case the hive has been stirred and… Continue Reading →

Looking for Lee Rourke’s The Canal

A while ago I read Lee Rouke’s “The Canal” as part of Task 16; yesterday Loupie and I went for a walk to look see if we could find where the bench in the book was; well this is my… Continue Reading →

Squee, Map of waterway treasures

Themes21 are an environmental charity working with London communities to bring London’s waterways to life. They plan to clean up waterside grot-spots, remove graffiti and create new habitats for wildlife and aim to transform neglected and littered waterways into areas that everyone… Continue Reading →

World Goth Day at the Dev

Loupie, Donna and I headed down to World Goth Day at the Dev in Camden, Anki and  Cecile were there with a load of other cool people.

London Canal Map

Amy of nb Lucky Duck found this map on the Internet; It is a nice visual representation of the waterways in London, in the style of Harry Beck’s London Underground Map.

East London Line

One of those interesting PDF’s you pick up while moving around is the 2000 issue of the Railway Junction Diagrams book. This is one of those documents that most people who use the tube every day will never have thought… Continue Reading →

Skippy Eats the Bush Kangaroo

While in Camden, we found a small food place selling Kangaroo Burgers; so I had to try one 😀 Yes, thats Right; Skippy is Eating the beloved Skippy the Bush Kangaroo. According to the sign out the front they were… Continue Reading →

Number 8 – Custom House

This was a very short walk; Loupie, JD, Donna and I were up in the City of London, and did the short bit of the Thames path out the front of Custom House. According to Christopher Winn’s “I Never Knew… Continue Reading →

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