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First snow

We have now had @Coalboat deliver gas by Van, Boat, and now train!

  Ashton Packet Boat company have their own 2 foot (24″) narrow gage railway. 

National Model Engineering and Modelling Exhibition 2015

Tas, Bob and I headed over to the National Model Engineering and Modelling Exhibition 2015 in Harrogate.

Narrowboat for sale: Wood Dragon

57ft Aqualine Manhattan Narrowboat cruiser stern. 57ft Aqualine Manhattan narrowboat in good interior condition powered by Isuzu 35hp diesel engine with 40 gallon fuel tank and stainless steel propeller shaft. Steering is from large cruiser stern with teak seating/rail. Layout… Continue reading →

Royal Mail Charges Revisited

In my post “Royal Mail Charges” I typed the opinion of a member of staff in Royal Mail staff in their Plymouth call center. However, subsequently to that, I found the Royal Mail Forwarding December 10: 1. If a recipient of… Continue reading →

70ft Tug narrowboat for sale

70ft Tug style narrowboat for sale, £69,995 Detailed steelwork with recessed panels, 4 x sets of side doors, Houdini hatches, Pigeon Box and a trad stern by Paul Barber Boatbuilders Ltd. Professional fit-out offering 2-4 berth accommodation with a Boatman’s… Continue reading →

Royal Mail Charges

For years I have been having post forwarded to me using the following method: As you can see The Royal mail seem to have taken exception to this, and stuck a “Postage unpaid deficient postage” / “Revenue Protection” sticker on… Continue reading →

Harry Beck Style Canal Map

The first diagrammatic map of London’s rapid transit network was designed by Harry Beck in 1931.[3] Beck was a London Underground employee who realised that because the railway ran mostly underground, the physical locations of the stations were irrelevant to… Continue reading →

The Tail of one CITY^H^H^H^H Town

I am reading the Swindon Masterplan Report (Draft Rev C), while the document is not all about canals; in fact very little of it is about canals, the Swindon Evening Advertiser would have you believe it was a well supported plan… Continue reading →

Solar Power on Boats

A while ago I looked at Solar Panels (Photo Voltaic) and did some research, (including reading a very hippy book [Electrosmog[note  electromagnetic “smog” is caused by mobile phones and the masts needed to power them, as well as microwaves, computers and electrical equipment…. Continue reading →

Springer for sale

UPDATE! nbArianrhod is also listed on Tomorrow (Thursday 23rd), b0atg1rl and I will be down at her, as we have a couple of viewings, If you want to have a look, or want further details, please contact her. ‘nbArianrhod’… Continue reading →

The Other way on the Wilts and Berks

This is my wondering the other way along the Wilts and Berks Canal from Purton Road Bridge into West Swindon, this should be from just south of the number 5. The Cycle path at this point crosses the line of the… Continue reading →

Walk along the Wilts and Berks Canal

For those of you who played Guess where, this is the post that will answer that. Over on nbtheGreenMan’s blog Suzanne has been blogging about her wondering the Wilts & Berks Canal, Her post and photos are of the Abingdon… Continue reading →

Guess Where…

Guess the Location; there will be a post latter about it and this journey in full latter

My boat :)

My friend Fiona made me a cake for my 28th Birthday. Now down the Glue Pot with friends 🙂

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