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Best laid plans of planners and builders…

From my recent post about the planned school for the land at New Islington Marina / Cotton Fields in Manchester, you may recognise this diagram from the planning submission: Now the cunningly awake ones of you will have seen in… Continue reading →

70ft Tug narrowboat for sale

70ft Tug style narrowboat for sale, £69,995 Detailed steelwork with recessed panels, 4 x sets of side doors, Houdini hatches, Pigeon Box and a trad stern by Paul Barber Boatbuilders Ltd. Professional fit-out offering 2-4 berth accommodation with a Boatman’s… Continue reading →

Solar Power on Boats

A while ago I looked at Solar Panels (Photo Voltaic) and did some research, (including reading a very hippy book [Electrosmog[note  electromagnetic “smog” is caused by mobile phones and the masts needed to power them, as well as microwaves, computers and electrical equipment…. Continue reading →

nbArianrhod is now sold

nbArianrhod boat has now been sold, b0atg1rl and I are now offering for other peoples uses, If you are interested in utilising So You Wanna Buy A Boat please use the contact form to send b0atg1rl a message. We are… Continue reading →

View our boat

Following on from Springer for Sale b0atg1rl and I will be down at nbArianrhod on Friday and Monday. If you want to come by Frouds Bridge marina and say hi. Please contact us via SoYouWannaBuyABoat.

Springer for sale

UPDATE! nbArianrhod is also listed on Tomorrow (Thursday 23rd), b0atg1rl and I will be down at her, as we have a couple of viewings, If you want to have a look, or want further details, please contact her. ‘nbArianrhod’… Continue reading →

An update

It’s been a fair while since I last wrote an update to my blog; back then b0atg1rl and I were looking for a boat; since then we have bought ourselves a 58ft Semi-Trad called nbSteven (the name will be changed when… Continue reading →


At Gloucester dock there was a lovely 57 foot narrowboat called Wanderin Star (Wanderin Star PDF) for £39,000 “Wanderin Star” would make a comfortable live aboard. She was built by Oxley Marine in 2003, she has a Beta B 38 diesel engine… Continue reading →

Gloucester Docks Look around Part Two – Shops and Retail

Following on from Part One, I found this article titled “A Walk on the Wild Side around Gloucester Docks” on Narrowboat World, where Alan Tilbury talks about his experience of Gloucester Quays: The state of the area was something that I had got completely… Continue reading →

Tweet Pirating #OWCTGT #RiverThemes

Today I am Pirating with a number of #BoatsThatTweet in Oxford, @Galoot (Cat Who Laughed) and @Gbilder of @nb_coqui, and @OdyAuto of @workboatpug on the Here are some fun photos from the trip up so far 🙂 Lunch at the… Continue reading →

Towpath Books – Word on the water

The London book barge, sell books from a Dutch barge called Dianti, at the weekend they were in Camden Lock; it looks like a great second hand book shop, will have to go back and have a look when i have… Continue reading →

Book 32 – The Canal Boat Manual

The Canal Magazine’s Canal Boat (and inland waterways) Manual is similar to Living Aboard (Towpath Guides) however it has a lot more large colour photos; and is Add Supported; in some ways this is quite helpful as it allows you to quickly jump… Continue reading →

Still Looking for Boats

On Friday, Mum and I went up north for a day trip (Audiobooks 😀); to do more boat research; On the way north, I showed her a little Shopping Village, by the name of Heart of the Shires, we spent… Continue reading →

Book 28 – Living Aboard (Towpath Guides)

Nick Corble and Allan Ford ‘s “Living Aboard (Towpath Guides)” is a guide I bought to read more about living on a boat all year round; One of the useful things it has is a chapter all about the costs associated with living on… Continue reading →

More boat hunting

On Saturday before Fiona’s house warming party; I went for a trundle up north to look for Crick Marina‘s Canal Boat Sales nbAnnieD While looking for Crick Marina I came across ANBN Narrow Boat Brokerage; One of the Boats they have on offer… Continue reading →

Boat Hunting at Whilton Marina

Yesterday I went up to Whilton Marina to look at the boats they have up there; while looking around came across one I thought had an amusing name based on where I work: nbSu-paFusion. While there I had a look on… Continue reading →


Last weekend Mum and I went down to Devizes Marina, on that trip we saw nbLizzyDripping. This weekend we went back for another look at her; we also had a look at a number of other craft as well; and… Continue reading →

Book 22 – Narrow Boats: Care and Maintenance

Nick Billingham’s “Narrow Boats: Care and Maintenance” is another book, like the Inland Waterways Manual, that I borrowed from the library, it was an interesting book to read to see what the mechanical structure, and systems of narrowboats are, mostly it… Continue reading →

Book 21 – Inland Waterways Manual: The Complete Guide to Boating on Rivers, Lakes and Canals

Emrhys Barrell’s “Inland Waterways Manual: The Complete Guide to Boating on Rivers, Lakes and Canals” is an introduction, and a guide to getting started with boating on the UKs waterways; while it does not concentrate specifically  on  the subject of narrowboats, they… Continue reading →

Another Map of London Canals

Another map of the Canals in and around London, this one comes from British Waterways, via WaterScape.

Wendover Arm Trust’s Boxmoor Canal Festival

Last Weekend; after the Greenbelt Stewards Re-Union Loupie and I were hoping to go on the trip up to have a look at Crick Boat Show on the monday; however With Crick being a long way north; and the car… Continue reading →

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