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Off The Grid

Photo voltaic connectors

For a while I have been planning on cleaning up the Photovoltaic cable run on nbSteven, on Amazon I found these MC4 (Multi connect) (5 Pack) and these Y leads. According to the Datasheet the they are rated to 30… Continue Reading →

Solar Power on Boats

A while ago I looked at Solar Panels (Photo Voltaic) and did some research, (including reading a very hippy book [Electrosmog[note  electromagnetic “smog” is caused by mobile phones and the masts needed to power them, as well as microwaves, computers and electrical equipment…. Continue Reading →

View our boat

Following on from Springer for Sale b0atg1rl and I will be down at nbArianrhod on Friday and Monday. If you want to come by Frouds Bridge marina and say hi. Please contact us via SoYouWannaBuyABoat.

An update

It’s been a fair while since I last wrote an update to my blog; back then b0atg1rl and I were looking for a boat; since then we have bought ourselves a 58ft Semi-Trad called nbSteven (the name will be changed when… Continue Reading →

Hippy’s cause trouble

Some of you may think I have some hippy tendancys; being that I live on a boat, and that I plan to be as off grid as I can, bma and I have over a number of years had a smiler talk;… Continue Reading →

Solar Panel Research

I am wondering how much energy we use from nbArianrhod’s batteries (3 x 110Ah) per day; I know this number will change over the course of a year; and that most of our peek energy requirements come from gas rather… Continue Reading →

Book 5: The Axe Book

I assume that b0atg1rl has at some time has acquired a Gränsfors Bruks hatchet or axe, as on nbArianrhod I found a copy of “The Axe Book” which is an introduction to the history and product line of Gränsfors Bruks,… Continue Reading →

Solar Panels

A long while ago I met up with Amy, and James from nbLuckyDuck, and one of the things that was intresting is that for a large part of the year they are off-grid with using a 136W flexable solar panel so very… Continue Reading →

Dundas Basin Elsan Point

The Elsan disposal point at Dundas Basin on the Kennet & Avon Canal was taken out of service back in November 2011 and has remained broken since; British Waterways plan to have a temporary elsan point operational some time in April, with full repairs coming on-line in August… Continue Reading →

02 and the nanny state

I finally got an answer back from O2 regarding the blocking of my website; it would appear that they have unilaterally decided that // and // are Parental Controlled… The Website status checker [note] when you type in // gives you this screen: Which to be… Continue Reading →

O2 have blocked my 365

  My Project 365 site seems to have been blocked from being accessed over 3G by O2, I have written about my feelings on O2’s content blocking before, most people I assume have already got pissed off with it and bitten the bullet since and ‘verified’ themselves since… Continue Reading →

bmi.js is not my baby

I’m currently using a T-Mobile 3G mobile connection to do most of my web browsing, as well as the area I am living in not having any signal strength; I have been getting more and more miffed at the image compression… Continue Reading →

Tool Review – Dremel Gas Soldering Iron

I first used my Dremel soldering iron (Dremel Hobby VersaTip 6 in 1 Heat Tool) when I was fixing my Ignition, I have subsequently used it for soldering a load of corroded wires together to try and get Steph to… Continue Reading →

O2 and T-Mobile on Compressing the Web.

We have known for a while that O2 compress and manipulate the internet connection that they offer to their mobile internet users. For this test I am using the The ISO 12233 Target, and a randomly mildly ammusing mame I found online…. Continue Reading →

Tethering without O2′s consent — Tether has been Pulled from the iTunes Store

— This is no longer possible to set up due to the iPhone Tether App being pulled — One of those things I love about my Mobile Phone Contract is my unlimited data, way back at the beginning of time for… Continue Reading →

Book 33 – Do It Yourself 12 Volt Solar Power: A Do It Yourself Guide (Simple Living)

Mike Daniek’s “Do It Yourself 12 Volt Solar Power” is a good book about 12 Volt off the grid systems; Its the same style of book as Building a Low Impact Roundhouse however despite both books being quite Hippiesh the 12 volt book… Continue Reading →

Book 24 – Building a Low Impact Roundhouse

Tony Wrench’s “Building a Low Impact Roundhouse” is a book that I picked up while I was at university; this was a re-read to refresh my memory about the subject; Tony‘s ecohome in West Wales is completely off the grid… Continue Reading →

Mobile wifi Internet

A while ago I wrote about my experiences with unlocking a Three Data Modem; recently I picked up a Edimax 3G-6210n GPRS USB Modem to Wi-Fi (and wired) router, I plan to use this at Medieval Siege Society events, and while away… Continue Reading →

Off the Grid

  Some people know how I feel about large scale wind farms; and Photovoltaic Cells; for use in the UK (hint it’s a good way of requiring more Gas Turbines to be built). However when living off the Off The… Continue Reading →

Unlocking a Datacard from Three

A fair while ago I bought a Huawei E160G data card on Pay as you go. This would have been over a year ago, and since I am o2 customer and have the simplicity £20 contract, with unlimited internet.So… Continue Reading →

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