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Automatic Panoramic Head – Part 2: Move the Camera

Following on from Part One, I have come across a number of ways of changing the focus ring via a servo, and if I was to use a Telephoto (Zoom) Lense on an SLR (Single Lens Reflex) Camera The Focal… Continue Reading →

02 and the nanny state

I finally got an answer back from O2 regarding the blocking of my website; it would appear that they have unilaterally decided that // and // are Parental Controlled… The Website status checker [note] when you type in // gives you this screen: Which to be… Continue Reading →

Rules for Amazing Making

I came accross this post on 10 rules I follow when building something new. This is a list of rules I try and follow when ever I have to build, design or program something. Some are clearly inspired by things… Continue Reading →

Task 44 – Complete a 365 day Photo Challenge

I have started setting up // as part of my Day Zero challenge list; it wont share an RSS feed with this blog so you may want to add // to follow it; or follow me on twitter as @SkippyUK. I plan to… Continue Reading →

New Doctors and 0844 – Response

Further to my letter to the North Swindon Practice at Home Ground Surgery, Thames Avenue, Swindon, SN25 1QQ, I got this letter back from Chris: What she doesnt say in this is that 01793 705 783 maps to 08444 996 631 directly and places… Continue Reading →

New Doctors and 0844

I have moved back to Swindon, and due to continuing requirment to engage with the health care profession; I needed to register with a new Doctors, I have registered with the North Swindon Practice at Home Ground Surgery, who list 08444 996… Continue Reading →

St John’s Wort

Further to my recent Post about Citalopram, I spoke to Storm, who handed me a box of St John’s Wort, that her mother gave her a while ago. I spoke to a Friend of mine who works as a General… Continue Reading →

Citalopram and I

Please do not use this post as a bases for your medical advice! I am in no way a trained medical professional. other disclaimers and disclosures can be read here. The Documents referenced with this post are not all the… Continue Reading →

Day Zero Project and 100+ Reading Challenge update

Over on TED there is this video: Try something new for 30 days where Matt Cutts talks about trying an activity for 30 days, and seeing if it sticks, Matt Cutts works on search at Google, specializing in search optimization. He’s… Continue Reading →

Back to WordPress

After a step away from using wordpress, I am back to using it; old posts will be back soon, as will some new posts. At some point I should also write a post about the technology and software that goes… Continue Reading →

O2: “Skippy; I am your father”

Dear O2, It may have escaped your attention, but I did not ask you to protect me from the internet, and I also hate to point it out to you but “Think of the Children” is not an excuse for… Continue Reading →

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