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High above Manchester & Hacman

A long while ago, I managed to get high above Manchester, not High as in on drugs mind you, but as in a long way above ground. And at the weekend just gone I had a look around an old… Continue Reading →

Up a windy hill

Barbury Castle is an Iron Age hill fort situated in Wiltshire, England. It is one of several such forts found along the ancient Ridgeway route. The site, which lies within the Wessex Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, has been… Continue Reading →

Cold and frosty morning. 

First frost!

Tethered Shooting a D7000 with Sofortbild

Sofortbild is a free Mac app to allow you to do Tethered Shooting, Tethered Shooting allows you to control your camera remotely from your Mac via USB, images are automatically transferred. I am testing out Tethering with Sofortbild so that… Continue Reading →

Manchester from up high

Automatic Panoramic Head – Part 3: View the Camera

I have been looking for a replacement for my D70, I asked the following on Facebook: Recommendations on a camera; I am thinking Canon so I can flash it with CHDK, doesn’t need to be a full DSLR as I… Continue Reading →

Automatic Panoramic Head – Part 2: Move the Camera

Following on from Part One, I have come across a number of ways of changing the focus ring via a servo, and if I was to use a Telephoto (Zoom) Lense on an SLR (Single Lens Reflex) Camera The Focal… Continue Reading →

Problems with my 365 :(

For some reason my Project 365 has stopped dealing with emails correctly; so until that is fixed I am going to pause it. I will still poke photos to it sporadically; but they wont be part of my 365. I… Continue Reading →

New Pet

On the way back from the Waterfront Pub in Pewsey last night, b0atg1rl and I came across a young magpie sat on the tow path; which ended up falling in the cut. Fishing the poor lil thing out we then proceeded to try and… Continue Reading →

Automatic Panoramic Head – Part 1: Press the button

According to Wikipedia: An intervalometer is a device which counts intervals of time. (Other names include interval meter and interval timer). Such devices commonly are used to signal, in accurate time intervals, the operation of some other device. For instance, an intervalometer might activate something… Continue Reading →

Book 2: Fox Talbot

John Hannavy’s “Fox Talbot: An Illustrated Life of Willian Henry Fox Talbot, ‘Father of Modern Photography’, 1800 -1877[note Amazon]” Fox Talbot is universally recognised as the father of modern photography. His ‘calotype’ or ‘Talbotype’ process was the first working photographic process to… Continue Reading →

Book 1: The Somersetshire Coal Canal

Roger Halse’s “The Somersetshire Coal Canal – A Second Pictorial Journey” “This new volume provides readers with an in depth look into the Somersetshire Coal Canal. The previous volume of old photographs of this delightful short canal, which branched off… Continue Reading →

Task 44 – Complete a 365 day Photo Challenge

I have started setting up // as part of my Day Zero challenge list; it wont share an RSS feed with this blog so you may want to add // to follow it; or follow me on twitter as @SkippyUK. I plan to… Continue Reading →

ROV – Part 4: Vision System

I picked up a Edimax Wired Network IP Camera from Maplins I wanted to evaluate it for the posibility of using them with my ROV Project (And Perhaps a Birdbox idea for my mum). At the moment its sat on… Continue Reading →

Movember is over.

I think it is safe to say that I look silly with a moustache. Ah well it was worth a try

Number 8 – Head of the Thames

[photonav url=’’] A while ago Loupie and I went to Trewsbury Mead to look for the source of the Thames; Thames Head There’s a little cup in the Cotswold HillsWhich a spring in a meadow bubbles and fillsSpanned by a… Continue Reading →

JET Torus Hall

During the last JET Shutdown, Mark Woollard mounted a digital camera inside the JET Torus Hall to record the working activities of the Shutdown. Over the course of the Shutdown the camera captured about 32,000 still images. These Images have… Continue Reading →

East London Line

One of those interesting PDF’s you pick up while moving around is the 2000 issue of the Railway Junction Diagrams book. This is one of those documents that most people who use the tube every day will never have thought… Continue Reading →

Lomography – Sprocket Rocket

A while ago I bought my self a Sprocket Rocket camera, the Sprocket Rocket is a 35 mm film camera that packages an ultra wide angle lens, that allows you to capture the image on the whole width of the… Continue Reading →

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