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Project 365

Guess what this is…

Greebo waiting for a @northernassist train…

Greebo has to commute from New Mills Newtown to the city to get mice as she has scared all the local ones away.

Guess where…

Eden Project

While we were playing guess where, MiniBoyGeek, Tas and I went to the Eden Project in Cornwall

Guess where…

Following on from my post last night… this is the same place in the day!

Guess where…

High above Manchester & Hacman

A long while ago, I managed to get high above Manchester, not High as in on drugs mind you, but as in a long way above ground. And at the weekend just gone I had a look around an old… Continue Reading →

Up a windy hill

Barbury Castle is an Iron Age hill fort situated in Wiltshire, England. It is one of several such forts found along the ancient Ridgeway route. The site, which lies within the Wessex Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, has been… Continue Reading →

Cold and frosty morning. 

Little bit of ice

First snow

First frost!

Steam punk camping 

Morris dancing

First cup of tea

Forge boat

My battery flattened itself before I could take more photos of Emily Bronte.  

At the beach

Pidgin racing

Standing stones

The Skinny Manchester

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