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Kort Nozzle test print

My test print of the Maritime Research Institute Netherlands (MARIN) No. 37 profile. The Kort nozzle is based on the one from Tomi Salo put on Thingiverse, I didnt make any alterations to the .dxf file, and a few alterations… Continue Reading →

Raspberry Pi Model B+ Audio/Video out

The Raspberry Pi A, and Raspberry Pi B both had a composite video out, on an composite video plug (RCA), the new model B+ uses a 4-pole socket which carries both audio and video signals. This style of connector is… Continue Reading →

Getting Node and Motion Jpeg onto a R-Pi

As part of my R-Pi K-9 I want to have a web browser interface, (also because I want to build an ROV) I don’t have a beaglebone black. Using a web browser as my interface will allow me to use… Continue Reading →

RS485 R-Pi to Arduino

I found the following code extracts for the Arduino (I have a Diavolino) to work with the RS485 shield from here: Code for the transmitter: Code for the receiver: And a guide for the R-Pi shield (from here). Putting the… Continue Reading →

Playing with 3D printers

Today I am sat with Nathaniel, working out how to get parts for my Tantillusup and running, I have downloaded the Mac pre compiled copy of kliment /Printrun, from, (also needed Slicer for Mac). With both of these installed,… Continue Reading →

My 3D printer

I have got the first parts of my Tantillus 3D printer, I got the outside parts lazered by Sham Glam (1st post). Here is the unboxing photos, these were taken at Swindon Hack Space, at the Swindon Museum of Computing: Just… Continue Reading →

Automatic Panoramic Head – Part 1: Press the button

According to Wikipedia: An intervalometer is a device which counts intervals of time. (Other names include interval meter and interval timer). Such devices commonly are used to signal, in accurate time intervals, the operation of some other device. For instance, an intervalometer might activate something… Continue Reading →

Solar Panels

A long while ago I met up with Amy, and James from nbLuckyDuck, and one of the things that was intresting is that for a large part of the year they are off-grid with using a 136W flexable solar panel so very… Continue Reading →

Task 82 – Build a 3D Printer

Sublime’s Tantillus 3D Printer looks like an interesting printer, I will have to ask Nathaniel to print me one when Sublime realises the part files. The things that draw me to this 3D printer are its compact size; its mostly printable; and easy to build… Continue Reading →

Rules for Amazing Making

I came accross this post on 10 rules I follow when building something new. This is a list of rules I try and follow when ever I have to build, design or program something. Some are clearly inspired by things… Continue Reading →

Task 72 – Learn to Program

On my Day Zero List is the desire to learn to program; one of the things that people have been playing with in their down time here at Pennant Traning Systems is Project Euler: What is Project Euler? Project Euler… Continue Reading →

ROV – Part 2: The Hull

As said previously most people use PVC pipe for the hull construction, Looking round the internet for ideas I have come across Ian Leverington’s site ROV Robot Submariner, that sells a how to guide for building an Remotely Operated Vehicle, complete with… Continue Reading →

Book 28 – Living Aboard (Towpath Guides)

Nick Corble and Allan Ford ‘s “Living Aboard (Towpath Guides)” is a guide I bought to read more about living on a boat all year round; One of the useful things it has is a chapter all about the costs associated with living on… Continue Reading →

Day Zero Project and 100+ Reading Challenge update

Over on TED there is this video: Try something new for 30 days where Matt Cutts talks about trying an activity for 30 days, and seeing if it sticks, Matt Cutts works on search at Google, specializing in search optimization. He’s… Continue Reading →

UKgoth – Where were you when we sacked Rome? is now back online; well sort of; needs a fair amount of poking to get it up to date; Tony of the UK Waterways Ranking Site has agreed to let me use the code for a Ranking Site. I… Continue Reading →

Better Late than Never

Right; Since I missed New Years… both of them, and my blog has been reset; due mostly to the death of all my old posts; and because I am no longer using a CMS. I have chosen to Start my… Continue Reading →

New year, New start.

Here Loupie and I are sat here at the Vagabonds New Years party, a lot has happened in the last year, all our sites are now on the new server. Our old host went down, and left us without any… Continue Reading →

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