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Universal Job Match

The government has recently started running a “Digital by default” online system. They take online security very seriously… Your username is assigned to you, your password is at least 8 charictors long. you can’t have special characters. your email adddress is locked and never mentioned again So when I lost my username and password, I […]

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02 and the nanny state

I finally got an answer back from O2 regarding the blocking of my website; it would appear that they have unilaterally decided that // and // are Parental Controlled… The Website status checker [note] when you type in // gives you this screen: Which to be honest is about as much use as a chocolate teapot; and gives you no information […]

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Striking a Cord

I have been collecting some images for the screensaver of my work machine, I have come across these two, the first being: What do I fear? I fear stagnation and lack of progress. I fear never reaching my potential and being average. I fear being forgotten… The Past… Yesterday’s news. I fear giving up and being […]

Trains and Cost – Part 5: Why Automatic Ticket Gates FAIL

One of those things that TOC’s seem to be fond of installing at Stations is ATGs (Automatic Ticket Gate see RIS-7701-INS – Rail Industry Standard for Automatic Ticket Gates at Stations). Obstensivly they claim that these are installed for revenue protection (reduction of ticket less travel), Reduce anti-social behaviour, and also seem to be a requirement of the franchise agreement […]

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River Rats and Other Derogatory Terms

Abi Rant‘s “River Rats and Other Derogatory Terms” is a poem that hits a cord with me; it’s a performance poetry piece so you really are better listening to the file [podcast]//[/podcast]   I want the freedom to be different, I don’t have to live like you, I’m not the cause of moral panic, I’m just a traveller through […]

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Trains and Cost – Part 4: Bustitution

Bustitution Etymology Blend of bus and substitution Pronunciation (UK) IPA: /ˈbʌst.ɪ.tjuː.ʃən/, SAMPA: /”bVst.I.tju:[email protected]/ Noun bustitution (plural bustitutions) (rail transport) The temporary or permanent substitution of a rail (train, tram, etc) service with a bus service. Usage notes Bustitution can refer to either the permanent cessation of the rail service, or a temporary replacement bypassing a blockage […]