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Ignition Switch

After outsmarting the Bacon Sandwich, I recovered Steph to RandomZero’s last week to fix the Ignition Switch, I purchased a cheap replacement from Maplins which should be able to make and break onto load at ~30A @ 12V (won’t be making or breaking on much more than 4A @ 12V), also my order for a […]

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I Outsmarted a Bacon Sandwich!

Last night I rescued Steph from Bristol; she had been stolen by some one who could have been out witted by a bacon sandwich; and really a over cooked one at that. Despite having a full toolkit; the instructions for her electrical system; and spare parts, they failed to steal her in any useful way. I managed to […]

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Steph has been found :)

This morning I got a call from some one at Avon & Somerset Police, they were phoning me to let me know that they had found my motorcycle. It turns out that some one who I had previously refereed to as a muppet had stolen Steph, and in a move that made them a serious […]

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Some Muppit Stole Steph

UPDATE: She has been Found. While I was at work today, some un kind person stole Steph (S85STF) from Gloucester Street, on the corner with Fishponds road. Talking to people in the area we think she was taken between 10:00 and 12:40. Avon and Somerset police have been made aware under log number. 876-21-Feb. There […]

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New Leathers and a broken Steph

I have been using Steph to get to and from work for the past three days of last week; after help from RandomZero; now I have recovered from my broken Thumb, Step now looks a little different to a stock SR125: On Saturday I managed to liberate my Christmas present from my Farther; a set of proper motorcycle clothing; George […]

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I have Pulled Stephanie

Ok so Stephanie is not some lovely young lady, more is the pity her name is Stephanie due to her number plate “J85STF”; which makes her the first vehicle I have ever owned with a name. She is a Yamaha SR 125. Azz, Betty and I went to look at her on Saturday, on Sunday she was […]

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Yamaha SR125

The Bike that Azz and I looked at today in Carterton is a Yamaha SR125; mine does not look like the one to the Right. The SR125 is sold as a learner or commuter bike, the page for the Yamaha SR125 on the manufacturers site states: Easy to manoeuvre, simple to use and featuring an electric starter […]