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First Urbex at South Marston Hotel, Swindon

Recently we found ourselves in Swindon, Joe offered us a free Urbex (Urban Exploration) trip round the old South Marston Hotel (Joe’s previous visit), I didn’t get many photos, but next time I do an Urbex I will :). I believe Tas will have some, and other people may add some when they comment 🙂

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The Tail of one CITY^H^H^H^H Town

I am reading the Swindon Masterplan Report (Draft Rev C), while the document is not all about canals; in fact very little of it is about canals, the Swindon Evening Advertiser would have you believe it was a well supported plan to make the City Town of Swindon into some kind of Venice. The Swindon Town […]

Canals of Swindon

Swindon Borough Council, have been writing consultations again, The Swindon Advertiser reported “Residents want canal back in town centre masterplan” [link]. THE GRAND plan for an overhaul of Swindon town centre could be set to get its own makeover – after consulted residents said they wanted the idea of a canal reinstated. The majority of […]