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LinkIt ONE, vs Cheap Chinese Duino, Vs Official Arduino Uno

Following on from trying to program the LinkIt ONE on Mac, and Windows, I went looking for further information, I managed to find some information on the IDE GitHub page, I will compare how easy it is to program each… Continue reading →

How electrically noisy are Servo motors Pt 2?

Following on from How electrically noisy are Servo motors – Pt1 where I subjected a Tower Pro MG996R and a Tower Pro Microserver 9g to the ERAD (Emissions Radiated) test. I am now going to do the ECON (Emissions Conducted)… Continue reading →

How electrically noisy are Servo motors?

At work my day job is as an EMC test Engineer, on of the Tests we do as part of EMC compliance testing is a Radiated Emissions scan between 30 MHz and 1 GHz. There are two sets of emissions… Continue reading →

Playing with the Teensy

As some of you know I may be a bit of a geek, one of the tools I use is the Teensy, it is very smiler in use and specification to an Arduino while not being a pure clone unlike… Continue reading →

Home Made Keyboards – Part 2: More Ideas

[toc]I have been looking around the internet for more ideas on Chording keyboards; and have come across more examples that I can use to refine my plan: The AgendA The AgendA is a British-designed organiser from the mid-80s. Its most striking feature… Continue reading →

Home Made Keyboards – Part 1: Project Overview

A while ago I cam across the Stenograph system, and thought about making myself a Steno Keyboard or something smiler, looking into I found this: There are two types of keyboard used in the UK for STTRs (Speech to Text Reporter), the… Continue reading →

Affordable Accessible Mouse – Part 4: Prototyping

After Running the code on my Teensy from Post Number Two, I moved onto mounting the buttons and joystick in a box, My Test device has nine buttons; rather than the severn that the finished product will have; plus the… Continue reading →

Rules for Amazing Making

I came accross this post on 10 rules I follow when building something new. This is a list of rules I try and follow when ever I have to build, design or program something. Some are clearly inspired by things… Continue reading →

Task 72 – Learn to Program

On my Day Zero List is the desire to learn to program; one of the things that people have been playing with in their down time here at Pennant Traning Systems is Project Euler: What is Project Euler? Project Euler… Continue reading →

ROV – Part 3: Control System

I have been playing with Microsoft Visio (My First ROV Visio File) to create a Drawing smiler to the one I found of BART. There are two things you may spot on my Schematic Diagram; My cunning use of Ethernet over CAT 5 for… Continue reading →

ROV – Part 2: The Hull

As said previously most people use PVC pipe for the hull construction, Looking round the internet for ideas I have come across Ian Leverington’s site ROV Robot Submariner, that sells a how to guide for building an Remotely Operated Vehicle, complete with… Continue reading →

ROV – Part 1: Project Overview

One of the things I fancy doing with my free time; and to help me learn to program/built awesome things is to geek out is to try and build an ROV (Remotely Operated underwater Vehicle); I am not sure why the “U”… Continue reading →

Affordable Accessible Mouse – Part 3: Software for users

Baby Interface Device (via is something that i found while looking at the Teensy Projects page, there were two links of interest, linking to simple flash games that can be used with my Affordable Accessible Mouse Project, Fisher-Price Online… Continue reading →

Affordable Accessible Mouse – Part 2: Teensy Mouse/Stick

I have found a Europeen supplier of the Teensy Micro controler; sell it from the Netherlands, you can still get all the details on how to use it from I am using the Arduino IDE (from and the… Continue reading →

Affordable Accessible Mouse – Part 1: Project Overview

I have been reading online articles again, and came across The Utopia Open Source Braille Reader/Display aka ‘Audrey’ project, and as such decided to start writing about a project that I am working on currently. My mum works with a… Continue reading →

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