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Thames Walk

Where the Themes meets the Themes and Severn Canal

Following on from my previous two posts; this one is based on my 365s location, b0atg1rl and I were standing in Lechlade. Lechlade is just downstream from the junction between the River Themes (River Isis), River Coln, and the Thames… Continue Reading →

Number 8 – Head of the Thames

[photonav url=’’] A while ago Loupie and I went to Trewsbury Mead to look for the source of the Thames; Thames Head There’s a little cup in the Cotswold HillsWhich a spring in a meadow bubbles and fillsSpanned by a… Continue Reading →

Google Earth Canal Maps

Google Earth Canal Maps GECM (Google Earth Canal Maps) is an on-going attempt to maps all the canals of the UK on Google Earths/Google Maps, including all the derelict ans in-filled ones. its a cool cartography project.

Hand Drawn Map of London’s Docklands

Found this via this page; Its a cool hand drawn map of the part of the Thames I most recently walked; speaking about that; I still need to poke those photos onto my blog

London Canal Map

Amy of nb Lucky Duck found this map on the Internet; It is a nice visual representation of the waterways in London, in the style of Harry Beck’s London Underground Map.

Number 8 – Custom House

This was a very short walk; Loupie, JD, Donna and I were up in the City of London, and did the short bit of the Thames path out the front of Custom House. According to Christopher Winn’s “I Never Knew… Continue Reading →

Number 8 – Abingdon to The Railway bridge

Abingdon is a charming riverside town with many fine buildings including the majestic County Hall in the market place. This was built when Abingdon was Berkshire’s County Town . The town was once dominated by the Abbey, then the most… Continue Reading →

Number 8 – Culham Cut to Clifton Hampten Bridge – Pt2

This is a continuation of part one, of task 8. On the north bank; by a tree is a GeoCach

Shit, and I mean that Literally

Walking round the country side, I see a number of these signs on the side of foot paths, they are not very subtile. I am going to stick my neck out, and assume the idiot who did this understands what… Continue Reading →

Number 8 – Culham Cut to Clifton Hampten Bridge – Pt1

I managed it, After last nights aborted attempt to walk from Culham, to Clifton Hampden, I completed the first documented part of my Task 8. Culham is an example of a shrunken village. The manor house and church are meagre… Continue Reading →

Number 8 – Culham Cut to Clifton Hampten Bridge – Delayed

Last night I attempted to walk the above course, its about 6.6 miles all in with about 3.5 of that being Thames Path, however with the weather closing in I stopped the walk just before the Appleford Railway Bridge, however… Continue Reading →

Number 8 – Walk the Thames from Source to Port of London

  “I Never Knew That About the River Thames” by Christopher Winn, is one of the books I will be using while walking the Thames; Its also going to be one of my 100+ Challenge books, two other books that… Continue Reading →

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