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Coate Water Railway with @MiniBoyGeek 

Today MiniBoyGeek, Tas, and little lion went for a dog walk down to Coate Water, in Swindon. Being it was a Sunday with nice weather North Wilts Model Engineering Society were running trains at the Coate Water Miniature Railway. This… Continue Reading →

Cheap Chinese loco and secret plans

Well that is MiniBoyGeek up to three working electric Lego Duplo locomotives, only the Chinese one to go… I spoke to the seller: > Item died within 10 minutes of putting batteries into it. refund required. > I am still… Continue Reading →

Duplo loading gauge, Locos, and PWay

Since the the last post on Duplo Trains, MiniBoyGeek has been given a lot more Lego Duplo by both his Granddad, and other family members for his second birthday: He has now got two of the Duplo Locomotive base engines… Continue Reading →

Books 13 to Book 18 some with @MiniBoyGeek, one on a train

Some more books, Book 13 I read on the train too and from work, I have got some more free Kindle books to read soon, and some other books to re-read and hopefully finish, but first: Book 13 – Titanic:… Continue Reading →

Book 12 – Mallard and another one with @miniboygeek

Book 11 – Giles Andreae’s “Giraffes Can’t Dance“ Book 12 – Don Hale’s “Mallard: How the Blue Streak Broke the World Steam Speed Record” (book crossing ID 609-14374962) On 3rd July 1938 A4 LNER Pacific ‘Mallard’ achieved the world speed… Continue Reading →

Pecorama – Beer Heights Light Railway

While on family holiday (narrow boat was being painted at the time), we went for a day trip to Beer Heights Light Railway Beer Heights Light Railway, Considered by many the finest 7¼ inch gauge railway in Britain, the B.H.L.R…. Continue Reading →

National Model Engineering and Modelling Exhibition 2015

Tas, Bob and I headed over to the National Model Engineering and Modelling Exhibition 2015 in Harrogate.

Bike & Go – 10 out of 10 for the idea… minus 10, million for the implementation

At Ellesmere Port train station (nearest station to the National Waterways Museum) is a Cycle rack full of Bike and Go bikes to ready to hire for the cheap cheap price of £3.80 per day! I mean how awesome would… Continue Reading →

Random Train Porn – Helsby Signal Box

On the way back from the Model Boat Show, I had to change trains at Helsby station. Helsby has a Traditional signal box 😀 with windows into the frame room underneath 😀

Taking a Bike on a Virgin

For the last while me and my bike have been traveling between Manchester Piccadilly and Crewe, Virgin run an hourly service between these two stations using Class 390 Pendolino Stock, with most of the sets being brought into service between… Continue Reading →

Dispute with Northern Rail over GLaDOS PPN

Last week GLaDOS (Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System (or more commonly known as the bike I sometimes ride)) was parked at Marple Station, She was located in the hatched area to the left of the Staff Only Space, in… Continue Reading →

Dear TOCs Airports are not something you want to be like…

Seth wrote this post on his blog: “Eleven things organisations can learn from airports” its a list of 11 things that Airports do wrong, and I feel that it all too often applies to the UK rail network 1. No one is in… Continue Reading →

Hippy’s cause trouble

Some of you may think I have some hippy tendancys; being that I live on a boat, and that I plan to be as off grid as I can, bma and I have over a number of years had a smiler talk;… Continue Reading →

Trains and Cost – Part 5: Why Automatic Ticket Gates FAIL

One of those things that TOC’s seem to be fond of installing at Stations is ATGs (Automatic Ticket Gate see RIS-7701-INS – Rail Industry Standard for Automatic Ticket Gates at Stations). Obstensivly they claim that these are installed for revenue protection… Continue Reading →

Trains and Cost – Part 4: Bustitution

Bustitution Etymology Blend of bus and substitution Pronunciation (UK) IPA: /ˈbʌst.ɪ.tjuː.ʃən/, SAMPA: /”bVst.I.tju:[email protected]/ Noun bustitution (plural bustitutions) (rail transport) The temporary or permanent substitution of a rail (train, tram, etc) service with a bus service. Usage notes Bustitution can refer to… Continue Reading →

Trains and Cost – Part 3: Public Investment v Wasteful Subsidy

In 2011 passengers contributed about £6.5bn and taxpayers £4bn a year to the running of the railways (ref). Now I will be the first to admit I don’t like how the Rail Network is set up at current [1, and 2]. However… Continue Reading →

Train and Cost – Part 2

I found this chart online at The Public Transport Marketing Blog’s Post, on the make up of the cost of a ticket (its originally here): I don’t know how accurate these numbers are; as despite the numbers being listed as… Continue Reading →

Train and Cost

Tomorrow I start a new job in Staverton (near Staverton Airport) its a small village between Cheltenham and Gloucester Swindon to Staverton by Car takes 56 minutes and is 37.1 miles (according to google) and according to This journey would… Continue Reading →

Social and Anti-Social Transport

Last night I went to see Andi, Maddy, and Storm, for our semi regulare dose of two hot men, Sherlock Holmes and Dr John Watson. This was not really that well planed (Maddy and I aranged it on Wednesday). The… Continue Reading →

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