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Automatic Panoramic Head – Part 2: Move the Camera

Following on from Part One, I have come across a number of ways of changing the focus ring via a servo, and if I was to use a Telephoto (Zoom) Lense on an SLR (Single Lens Reflex) Camera The Focal… Continue Reading →

Out smarted by SPAM

As some of you may know GLaDOS came back, when Steph was stolen I drew parallels between the IQ of the muppit, and a bacon sandwich. However the high IQ shown by the person who stole GLaDOS knew no bounds…. Continue Reading →

Installing Lion on my Mac Mini – Part 2

Following on from Part One, I finally got round to playing with this a bit more; however I still have not had any luck with running Mac OS X Lion on my Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz Mid 2007 Mac (an A1283)… Continue Reading →

Tax Reduction – Uniform Tax Rebate

I have been paying my tax like a good person for a large number of years; OK sometimes I have claimed job seekers allowance;  but other than the JSA and the Rebates; I have mostly paid the correct amount of TAX, and… Continue Reading →

Task 72 – Learn to Program

On my Day Zero List is the desire to learn to program; one of the things that people have been playing with in their down time here at Pennant Traning Systems is Project Euler: What is Project Euler? Project Euler… Continue Reading →

The @Greenbelt Office Christmas Tree

The Greenbelt office Christmas Tree, complete with Baubles, one of which is a Death Star

Yes to AV

While I don’t agree that AV (Alternative Vote) is the best system; it’s the one we are being offered; it also looks like the official Yes! to Fairer Votes campaign is being run by a bunch of people who don’t… Continue Reading →

Royal Wedding

Dear Michael Francis Middleton, and Carole Elizabeth Middleton (née Goldsmith); Please find attached an invoice to compensate myself for the loss of earnings for Friday 29 April 2011; I like other people in this country am a contractor, this means… Continue Reading →

Book 6 – Doctor Who – Time-Flight

“Time-Flight” is a Doctor Who book by Peter Grimwade, it charts the disappearance of two Concords, this short book was lent to me by a young lady I know from the London Geek Munch called Abigail; after we were at… Continue Reading →


Went to a small party at Kris, and Ashlie’s house yesterday Chris Laversha and Ashlie carved a Pumpkin, on one side was the upsu logo, and the other i belive there was a Face, Due to the Saturday night being the… Continue Reading →

Grill an Electret

Well Last night in the good old fasion that is in keeping with the union we grilled some Politations, The strange People from Labor were Char-Grilled, and the guy from UKIP hadent got a Clue, and was compleatly off the… Continue Reading →

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