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Sentora SSL VHOST Generator

While Setting up Encryption on each of my domains, I found the process to be a little long winded, and hassle (lots of copy pasta and replacing of text). So I have set up this little generator that I hope will make… Continue Reading →

Biscuit soft launch

A while ago I was asked by the wonderful Lottie if I would work with her on a project. Biscuit is that project. What is Biscuit? Biscuit is a brand new online magazine for the growing demographic of women who… Continue Reading →

New web project:

Over at Just Vigilantes we have been working on a new project,, The main domain name is kind of Maffi’s fault, and subsequently was bought for this project back when I was first looking for a boat, however it… Continue Reading →

My Best Advice for Small Business Websites

It’s common for me to advise my clients, mostly small businesses, non-profits and independent professionals on all phases of setting up their websites. Sometimes they listen to my advice. But not always. The best suggestion I give out routinely is,… Continue Reading →

The Saga of Artisteer 4 for Mac

After my Previous post about Artesteer 4 for mac, there has been two sets of movement, that of the people on the support forum, and the glacial lack of movement of the Official Artisteer team. Artisteer are still listing as… Continue Reading →

Artisteer for Mac Review, and Why no Version 4?

A fair while ago I picked up Artisteer for Mac, it looked like a useful tool: Artisteer is the first and only Web design automation product that instantly creates fantastic looking, unique website templates and blog themes. Design awesome blogs… Continue Reading →

Book 8: Using OS X Lion Server at Home: A Step by Step Guide

We Got Served’s “Using OS X Lion Server at Home: A Step by Step Guide” by Terry Walsh is a good introduction to OS X Lion Server, I read this one after reading Using Mac OS X Lion Server: Managing Mac… Continue Reading →

The overkill of Databases

One of the things I love about WordPress is that it is an awesome CMS, I use it to run a number of sites including this one,, and It can deal with all the sites, and the… Continue Reading →

UKgoth – Where were you when we sacked Rome? is now back online; well sort of; needs a fair amount of poking to get it up to date; Tony of the UK Waterways Ranking Site has agreed to let me use the code for a Ranking Site. I… Continue Reading →

Better Late than Never

Right; Since I missed New Years… both of them, and my blog has been reset; due mostly to the death of all my old posts; and because I am no longer using a CMS. I have chosen to Start my… Continue Reading →

Yomura Holdings, iFuse Hosting and LTT

Before Christmas the company I host with (iFuse Hosting) was taken over by a company that no one has heard of, a magical holdings company called Yomura Holdings. who don’t have a website, don’t show up in Google (other than… Continue Reading →

Bolt is back

For those of you who remember what the Internet looked like in 1997, you will know the following. Hotmail was not owned by Microsoft, Yahoo was the only real search engine, BackRub Google had not yet been launched; Myspace, and… Continue Reading →

Union into the light?

As one of the election candidates said they wanted all the union people to have blogs, and such, i am wondering if a copy of Wordpress, and a copy of media wiki would work? WordPress for Blogging, and such, and Media… Continue Reading →

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