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Updates to my site

A quick change of themes, I was getting less and less happy with bhost, that is not to say its a bad theme, just I wasn’t happy with how it looked, I am now using baskerville. One of the things… Continue Reading →

Auto deploying WordPress on Symbiosis

If you have ever had to set up, manage, migrate or otherwise look after more than about three WordPress installs you will know it gets more than a little bit dull to look after them manually. Thank you to the… Continue Reading →

How to set up and run with Bytemark’s Symbiosis Part 2

Following on from Part 1, we now have three of the Norse Goddesses up and running (If you hadn’t guessed what my naming convention is by now…) The site we are going to use for this bit of the up… Continue Reading →

More SSL on Sentora / ZPanel

On the server is a site that wants to be both SSL and non SSL, this is not something that is natavily supported by Sentora/ZPanel, so what we did in SSL on Zpanel / Sentora will not work here (sad… Continue Reading →

Converting WordPress to HTTPS

I have now got HTTPS set up on // from a server point of view (following these instructions). I now need to tell Word Press that from now on its to play nice. Settings > General Add an S to… Continue Reading →

SSL on Zpanel / Sentora

With the passing of ZPanel into the dark, and hopefuly being reborn as Sentora, one of the things that would be a nice to have built in to Sentora would be support for Let’s Encrypt is a new Certificate… Continue Reading →

Speeding up WordPress using Jetpack Photon – Without Jetpack

What is Photon? this is a question I asked myself when I went looking for the name of the Jetpack app that does Image CDN (Content Delivery Network). Photon according to the documentation: Photon is an image acceleration and… Continue Reading →

More offline WordPress editors – Blogo

A while ago I wrote about some offline WordPress editors, recently I managed to get my hands on a copy of Blogo (available via the App Store). My Previouse nice to have list was: Presented the WYSIWYG more like that in the… Continue Reading →

Offline WordPress editors

Most of the sites I work on are biased on the open source project WordPress, examples include Biscuit Mag, Freedom Press, Freedom News, and My Professional site; some sites like Just Vigilantes, and Does UKIP Hate You? are not. One of… Continue Reading →

Biscuit soft launch

A while ago I was asked by the wonderful Lottie if I would work with her on a project. Biscuit is that project. What is Biscuit? Biscuit is a brand new online magazine for the growing demographic of women who… Continue Reading →

New web project:

Over at Just Vigilantes we have been working on a new project,, The main domain name is kind of Maffi’s fault, and subsequently was bought for this project back when I was first looking for a boat, however it… Continue Reading →

About ZPanel Control Panel

Just Vigilantes use the ZPanel Control Panel, ZPanel is a system that helps in the day to day tasks involved in administration of a typical website on the internet. Its goal is to simplify running web and email hosting across… Continue Reading →

Leaving WordPress

I have been thinking about moving and my 365 away from WordPress, as WordPress is a bit overpowered for myself as a lone user, and causes my server to run hard when hit with a lot of users. I am poking… Continue Reading →

Dealing with TrackBack Spam is quite an old blog, and while my 365 Blog is not as old; one of the things that is getting old is TrackBack Spam, Both Blogs are hosted on the same WordPress MultiUser / WordPress Networks install at… Continue Reading →

The Saga of Artisteer 4 for Mac

After my Previous post about Artesteer 4 for mac, there has been two sets of movement, that of the people on the support forum, and the glacial lack of movement of the Official Artisteer team. Artisteer are still listing as… Continue Reading →

Artisteer for Mac Review, and Why no Version 4?

A fair while ago I picked up Artisteer for Mac, it looked like a useful tool: Artisteer is the first and only Web design automation product that instantly creates fantastic looking, unique website templates and blog themes. Design awesome blogs… Continue Reading →

Why WWW.YourDomain.TLD is Doing it wrong

WWW is depreciated WWW stands for World Wide Web, which is a term that is seldom used anymore. The use of www in a domain name is redundant and time consuming, browsers automatically prepend all URLs with the http:// protocol… Continue Reading →

nbArianrhod is now sold

nbArianrhod boat has now been sold, b0atg1rl and I are now offering for other peoples uses, If you are interested in utilising So You Wanna Buy A Boat please use the contact form to send b0atg1rl a message. We are… Continue Reading →

Problems with my 365 :(

For some reason my Project 365 has stopped dealing with emails correctly; so until that is fixed I am going to pause it. I will still poke photos to it sporadically; but they wont be part of my 365. I… Continue Reading →

Book 8: Using OS X Lion Server at Home: A Step by Step Guide

We Got Served’s “Using OS X Lion Server at Home: A Step by Step Guide” by Terry Walsh is a good introduction to OS X Lion Server, I read this one after reading Using Mac OS X Lion Server: Managing Mac… Continue Reading →

Book 7: Using Mac OS X Lion Server: Managing Mac Services at Home and Office

Charles Edge’s “Using Mac OS X Lion Server: Managing Mac Services at Home and Office” (published by O’Reilly books) is a good introduction into the setting up and configuring of Mac OS X Lion Server, its aimed at small workgroup installs,… Continue Reading →

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