The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury
The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury

Tax Reduction – Uniform Tax Rebate

List of Jobs Page 1

I have been paying my tax like a good person for a large number of years; OK sometimes I have claimed job seekers allowance;  but other than the JSA and the Rebates; I have mostly paid the correct amount of TAX, and got mostly a good service from the public sector; however I found out that I may have been over paying Tax, A guy at work showed me that there is a rebate for uniform/specialist clothing that you clean at home. so a quick letter to HM Revenue & Customs, and we will see what they say,

Details of the letter are bellow:

On The front is:

HM Revenue & Customs
Pay as You Earn
PO Box 1970
L75 1WX

Dear Sir or Madam,

I would like to claim tax relief on the expenses of my employment as I am required to wear a uniform or specialist clothing and I am responsible for its cleaning. As per EIM 32480 I am entitled to claim a deduction from my taxable income for the cost of upkeep, replacement and repair of protective clothing or uniforms. (The standard expense allowance set out by EIM 32485 is £45 pa up to 2007/08 and £60 pa thereafter).

Notes on Protective and Safety Clothing

Protective clothing may include: high-viz jacket/tabard/safety shoes/safety glasses/hard hat. The employee does not necessarily have to wear these on daily basis but must be required to wear them at some point in the course of their employment

e.g. – an office worker who has to wear a high-vis tabard to attend a monthly stock take is required to wear protective clothing for the purposes of their employment and would be able to claim the allowance.

I would like to claim this relief at its highest available rate of either of those in EIM32485, the nationally agreed rates in § 367 ITEPA 2003 as per EIM32712, or any locally agreed rates that may have been agreed for my job.

The Details of my employment and the years of claim are as follows:

{list of Jobs, with Dates, and Companys}

I would like HMR&C to inform me directly of my claim whether successful of not. Any request for further information should be made directly of me (the claimant) my telephone number is {phone number}.

I would like any annual allowance to be reflected in my future tax codes so that I can continue to receive the benefit and tax relief.

Yours faithfully

Mr Skippy

And on the Back is:

Date received by HMR&C:

Details of Claimant

Full name

Post Code

NI Number


I claim repayment of the amount overpaid by me, (for non SA claims the period of year end must be entered in the box aside). [05/04/2011]


Date:                      21/03/2012

The List of Jobs and rates are shown in the following attachments:

List of Jobs Page 1List of Jobs Page 2List of Jobs Page 3List of Jobs Page 4

And a blank copy of the letter is available here: Uniform Tax Rebate letter.

I hope this is of interest and useful to some one else.

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