The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury
The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury

Tethering without O2′s consent — Tether has been Pulled from the iTunes Store

— This is no longer possible to set up due to the iPhone Tether App being pulled —

88CF87DEEC67EF5366518EF9CF96C782One of those things I love about my Mobile Phone Contract is my unlimited data, way back at the beginning of time for “Smart Phones” I signed up on O2′s £25 Simplicity Contract, (February 2008) this let me have the fun and exciting offer as follows:


After a while they dropped the Price inc VAT to £20 (£20.42 now because VAT went back up). but they never removed the word Unlimited from the description of my Data allowance, or put an end date on it:


While I had a HTC Win6 phone it was all good; I had a little app that I could run that allowed me to use all that data (see unlimited anywhere o2?) however after a small accident involving either the washing up bowl, or a Pond (I forget the demise of it) I moved on after a while to a secondhand Apple iPhone 3 (Someone at work was upgrading from the iPhone 3 to a iPhone 4). however one thing I lost was the ability to tether my computer to my phone, as O2 seemed to think that was something they have the right to charge more for…


…as they sell it as a Bolt On; oh and as an interesting point of reference O2 don’t seem to know what their fair use policy is in regards to the amount of data I can use; (but they seem to think they should have the right to stop me accessing adult sites)

A while ago I bought a USB stick from Three and had it unlocked, a while after that I Acquired a Edimax 3G-6210N Wireless 150M portable 3G router, And I have been using that on and off with my O2 sim card without any problems, However today i spotted that Tether was in the iTunes Store; and with the associated Mac Client it would allow me finally to tether my Computer 1:1 to my Phone

Tether is an application that just runs directly on your smartphone. This means you can access the internet anywhere, just like you could with an air card. Even if you’re stuck in the middle of no where with no available wifi hotspots, Tether will work through your cell phone’s data plan.

Instructions for using Tether

  1. Download Tether Client (mirror on Dropbox) onto your Mac (Windows Client).
  2. Install the client software.
  3. Now, you need to install Tether for iPhone (seems to no longer be available in the UK iTunes Store) onto your iPhone (Also available on BlackBerry & Android).
  4. Run Tether on your computer and on your iPhone.
  5. You will be prompted to select either USB. Next connect your iPhone to your computer with the USB cable that came with your iPhone. You should now see data/packets flowing on Tether. That means you’re connected!


Run the software on your Phone


Run the software on your Mac


Wait for the browser window to pop up.

— This is no longer possible to set up due to the iPhone Tether App being pulled —


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