The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury
The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury

The Cost of Colo Hosting

This post is part of a series about building a mac mini server.

I sent an email to a number of colo hosting company’s to find out how much they would charge me to host Lofn, there are a few I haven’t included on the table below, but you get an idea.

Mythic Beasts Webnetism Jump Networks
Cambridge Cheltenham Telehouse
Bandwidth pcm 10 250 100 1001
Space £35.00
Setup fee £75.00 £50.00
5ip Addresses £5.00
Firewall £22.00
Bandwidth Cost £55.00
Monthly price £20.00 £40.00 £117.00
Quarterly price £55.00 £110.00 £351.00
Yearly price £200.00 £400.00 £1,404.00 £158.40
Cost 1st year £275.00 £475.00 £1,404.00 £208.40
Cost 2nd Year £200.00 £400.00 £1,404.00 £158.40

I am thinking about going with Jump Networks as my hosting company; because of the price they offer colo at, and they said they already had one mac mini, and were happy to add more.

Jump Networks were started as Spodcolo in March 2000, a hobby project involving professional geeks wanting somewhere neutral to host their personal servers, and slowly turning into an overgrown hobby for James and Nick, including taking on commercial customers, Jump Networks Ltd was incorporated in July 2002.

Also Jump are based out of Telehouse North, London Docklands, and have a peering at LINX, with a GE connection to the LINX Brocade LAN; While it may not look like 100gig a month is much data allowance, to further decreese load times, and increese speed of sites hosted on Lofn (and reduce the load on her) I plan to make use of a global Content Delivery Network (probably MaxCDN ~$40 USD per 1TB)to serve content from servers more local to the end user.

I would have liked to go with Webnetism based on their physical proximity to where I work; but I can’t agree to the price they want.

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