The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury
The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury

Will this be the Downfall of the ACC?

The Association of Continues Cruisers is now operating outside its constitutional remit. this is not opinion, this is a fact, where my opinion is present in this post it will be written as such.

The Constitution was the central document for the ACC, it was front and centre on the website at, Steve Jay seems to have accidentally deleted it (my back up here, wayback machine here, and PDF). It was placed in the public domain so that members, and non members alike could see what the ACC was about, and what its aims were (§4).

With the mass resignation recently leaving only Steve Jay on the commity of the ACC the association no longer has quorum, Steve (§4.1 in accordance with the aforementioned ACC constitution) can not invite new members to the council (§4.1, §6.3), Can not edit the constitution (§4.1, §6.3, §8.1). Steve can not revoke my membership of the ACC (see §3.5.2), can not exclude me under §6.7.

In my opinion; Steve jay is now running the ACC as his own private club, he has manipulated, bullied, and forced out other members, unilaterally made decisions, and shouted down those who disagree with him, He should resign immediately for being in breach of §6.7, and continuing to misrepresent the ACC to CaRT.

At the moment there are two options for the ACC:

  1. Immediate appointment of an interim council (7 members), whose immediate task shall be the setting up of full and open elections (I do not wish to see Steve Jay on this).
  2. The winding up of the ACC in accordance with §8.3.
I am not a huge fan of #2, so i would prefer to see #1 be the course of action carried out, and before you wonder, no I shall not be looking to stand, This is the start of a letter that I hope will be signed by at least 30 full time members of the ACC (§5.2).

Edit: I understand that the original title of this post “The Downfall of the ACC” is very dramatic, however I can’t support the current ACC council (or lack of one), I support the aims, and goals of the ACC. I have no faith in Steve Jay, and his draconian running of the ACC. I removed the post from the ACC Facebook page myself. I have a copy of it and comments here: ACC Facebook Post.

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