The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury
The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury

The Saga of Artisteer 4 for Mac

After my Previous post about Artesteer 4 for mac, there has been two sets of movement, that of the people on the support forum, and the glacial lack of movement of the Official Artisteer team.

Artisteer are still listing as Mac Version 4 as in active development:

Do you offer Artisteer for the Mac OS or Linux?

We are currently offering a Beta version of Artisteer for Mac OS 10.5. An official release date of the Mac version will be planned after receiving detailed issue reports from our beta testers and determining how much work is needed to resolve those issues. A Linux version is also being researched though we cannot promise such version at this time.

This is after there estimation of requiring two additional months for preparing version 4.0 for Mac:

Two months

Then the mac version being end of November 2012:

End december

Then in December we get this update (quietly pushed out on the news page):

Delay due to mono

In my support emails they never gave me a date, however on second January 2013 I got this email from Paul Hudson of Aristeer when asking about continued support:

Unfortunately we have no control whether the license is used on Windows or Mac.

The Mac version will be offered when possible, though we do not recommend purchasing Beta products.
The Beta version is offered only to users who requested that we offer them the Beta version and wanted to try the Mac version with the Windows license.

We also offer the product trial version to assure that everyone has an opportunity to try the product before purchasing.

Thank you for your understanding.

The Trial version has some limitations:

When in trial mode Artisteer does not support saving your web design projects, but you can still create and export your web design as HTML, theme, template or skin. 

Which means if it crashes out (which V3 does with annoying regularity) it will loose everything.

All previous Corispondance from Support (TanyaG, Tina B, Gary C) told me that there was just a delay to the deployment of Mac V4, which suggests the December update to the news page was sent after the email from Paul.

There is only the suggestion that I should run V4 on Windows, in Parallels (Windows ⅞ Licence, and Parallels 8 Licence at my expense).

There is talk (backed up by the December update) that there will never be a Mac 4 Version:

Artisteer 3.x was built using a lower version of C# with Artisteer 4.x being built using – most likely C#5, and Mono doesn’t fully support C#5 and may not for the foreseeable future. The Artisteer team has resolved themselves to the fact that this may be a Windows only product from here out, and we are too.

The best thing that could happen here is if another company purchased Artisteer and poured the $$ necessary to build a cross platform environment but, I don’t see that happening for a niche tool like Artisteer.

Don’t get me wrong, none of us here consider Artisteer niche! We consider it an indispensable tool but, the development community expands beyond templates for CMS’s.

And that there continued offering 3 RC on the site should stop immediately.

If any one knows of a good MAC application like Artisteer is, even if its only for WordPress Please let me and others know.

I hope that The Escapers can do something well documented and nice (perhaps wordpress themes support). 

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