The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury
The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury

The Three pillars of Sustainability

Three Pillers

The following are three viewpoints for sustainability:

  1. The Ecologist doesn’t see the human race as a separate entity from the planet and its resources, but part of it. Their motivations for preserving the planet are that nature and humanity have an inherent value and should be protected because of that.
  2. The Environmentalist sees nature or the planet as separate from the human race. It is there for humans, and as such humans should have stewardship over the world. They see the planet as something to be preserved so that humans can survive and evolve.
  3. The Economist understands the measures of unsustainability arising from a consumer led culture treating finite resources as an income, but has faith that market forces and a “business as usual” approach will result in a natural crisis aversion occurring; that the system will sort itself out through technological advances if left to its own devices.

As you can see between the Three views, and the Three Pillars; Social Equality, Economic Viability, and Environmental Protection there is a bit of an interesting trade off, but quite a lot of overlap.

The question asked was “what are your motivations for taking this course?”, I guess my motivation behind it is mostly to get a better informed view of the world, and how to be a better steward.

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