Tweet Pirating #OWCTGT #RiverThemes

Today I am Pirating with a number of #BoatsThatTweet in Oxford, @Galoot (Cat Who Laughed) and @Gbilder of @nb_coqui, and @OdyAuto of @workboatpug on the

Here are some fun photos from the trip up so far 🙂

IMG 2244

IMG 2245

Lunch at the Isis Farmhouse at Iffly Lock

IMG 2246

After getting back on WorkBoat Pug

IMG 2247

IMG 2248

IMG 2249

IMG 2250

IMG 2251

IMG 2252

IMG 2253

Now sat at the Folly Bridge Inn in Oxford, Workboat pug has her mast up 🙂

IMG 2274

we have also be joined by @katesparkle and @joolsteare

IMG 2254IMG 2255IMG 2256IMG 2257IMG 2258IMG 2259IMG 2260IMG 2261IMG 2262IMG 2263IMG 2264IMG 2265IMG 2266IMG 2267IMG 2268IMG 2269IMG 2270IMG 2271IMG 2272IMG 2273

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